TODAY   |  August 29, 2011

‘Leisure diving’ makes a splash online

NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren take a look at a new digital photography trend called “leisure diving,” where people plunge into pools, fully clothed, doing quirky activities that you might not associate with swimming.

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>>> so, we understand the new internet craze is capturing imaginations and leading some pretty remarkable images. it's called leisure diving. nbc's kristen dahlgren see why it's making such a splash. good morning.

>> good morning to you, matt. yeah, now that the hurricane is passed foam are focusing getting into the summer fun , for a lot of people that means jumping into the internet craze. all you need is a deep water camera, creativity. as i found out, no fear of making a fool of yourself. it's a summer earlier internet trend of pranking now seeming, well, a little flat. there is a new viral visual making a splash. it's called leisure diving, and photo pranks with popping up everywhere.

>> leisure diving is chilling in midair.

>> as soon as there was a really cool picture out there, it was -- it went viral immediately.

>> reporter: new york roommate alex scott and john lewis say they founded the frenzy.

>> i jumped in and totally smacked the water. it really hurt. i got out like, never going to do that again. and then he shows me the picture. wait a minute, that's pretty amazing.

>> reporter: soon their summer fun turned into

>> we've done missions all over the world. most surprising thing.

>> reporter: millions check out the site. suspended over water , sleeping, eating, shaving, pictures so unique they often look photo shopped.

>> you always have doubters who think photo shop , photo shop , even after we posted 100 dives. yeah, none of them are photo shopped.

>> the proof of that? these leisure dives that didn't quite work. apparently it's not as easy as it looks. so what's the secret to the leisure dive? i'm told it's all about the casual face. never looking like you're about to hit the water. and it has to be wearing something no one would expect you to jump in.

>> whew!

>> all right. that was fun but now we've really got to step it up a notch, guys. in a time like this we've got to ask ourselves, what would matt and al do?

>> one, two, three.

>> reporter: so what's next for the leisure dives?

>> it's going to be fall soon. we don't expect it to last through that time.

>> reporter: but unfortunately for some, images will live on even after the next internet fad has taken over. so proud. it may not be over yet. the guys say they're getting a lot of e-mails from the southern hemisphere where seasons are opposite. people saying they cannot wait for their summer to start leisure diving. matt, starting to put those pictures in there. i didn't want to be the only one embarrassing myself, or i call it expressing my journalistic versatility. you got off easy. i was lobbying for them to bring a pool into the plaza for you guys.

>> not going to happen.

>> i'm pretty sure you have access to a pool this weekend. i'm waiting for the pictures.

>> kristen , first of all, i'm going to get you in that water in a second, you have to have a good camera for this, too, because a lot of cameras these days you push down and they delay. so you miss that shot. that can't be good.

>> yeah, this has to be one with a lot of exposures so you can catch it and get that one at the exact home when you're looking relaxed before you're about to hit the water. i don't know if i quite got the leisure face right. i think i looked scared.

>> what do you think, should we have kristen go in in the golf attire?

>> you've got a putter there, right?

>> i don't think we can stop her now. all right. on cue, get your cameras ready.

>> you guys are so predictable. all right.

>> we're predictable? you're the one wearing the outfit. you're wearing a golf --

>> some of these cords so i don't --

>> okay.

>> oh, my goodness. okay. i'll give you two. one --

>> no surprise face.

>> oh, you know what, we missed it. kristen . the camera didn't go. can you do it again?

>> she can't hear us.

>> nbc lost hundreds of dollars worth of equipment.

>> they got it off her.

>> i was doing a weather story. anyway. speaking of a weather story, wow.

>> we all had one yesterday. we're going to have much more on that in our next hour. but first, your local news. - -- -