TODAY   |  August 25, 2011

How to prepare for Hurricane Irene

Lou Manfredini, host of the syndicated show “House Smarts,” tells NBC’s David Gregory what homeowners should do if they are in the projected path of Hurricane Irene.

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>>> what should you be doing today if you're in the projected path of the storm? the host of syndicated program, "house smart." thanks for being here.

>> good morning.

>> this is topical advice. the big five things, a lot of people along the east coast may not be prepared for this. two decades we've seen this kind of threat. food and water is a big concern. before you rush to the store, you've got guidelines.

>> don't overdo it. don't buyten cases of water. three days of water, nonperishables. three cases of water, granola bars. whatever it may be. we near a populous area in the east coast . the availability of getting more supplies is there.

>> right. and one thing you have to worry about is the big two here. power outages. that's the one thing you don't want to be scrambling for when the lights go out.

>> a bunch of flashlights, extra batteries. three sets of bat rteriebatteries. a flashlight with c or d batteries, get three sets. we don't know how long it will last. it will give you a week's worth of power to have light at night if we don't have power.

>> ziploc bags here with cash and credit cards . home documents in a safe, fine. but the main thing, keep them dry.

>> get a couple of the ziploc bags. the insurance paper, the deed to your house, passports, credit cards . the extra cash. take a digital camera and take pictures of your home, each room, video camera , your cell folk, take that, stick it inside the bag. if it is bad an you have to make an insurance claim , you have a record as to what is in your home.

>> short of that projected damage, there's a lot of things around the house, really outside of the house that could be dangerous. that's the kind of thing that you could be taking today.

>> lookout side. the kids' furniture, the bicycles, if there's stacks outside. if there are branchs that need to be cut and you haven't, cut those, bring them inside. you can control anything that might fly away . you have a balcony, you live in a condominium, bring all that stuff in. that could become a projectile.

>> the grill or the umbrella.

>> anything that can fly.

>> what about emergency contacts?

>> find a friend or relative that's outside of this area. some aunt in minnesota or chicago saying look, if we get separated, we're going to call you to make sure you're okay. he or she can be the go-between. i heard from grant, he's okay. jenny, she's okay. don't worry about it. you can stay in contact and everybody is safe.

>> good advice. a nice refresher.