TODAY   |  August 15, 2011

Norway killer reenacts bloodbath for police

Confessed killer Anders Breivik returned to the Norwegian youth camp where he killed 69 people to reenact his bloodbath for police. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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NATALIE MORALES, anchor: In the news this morning, in Norway , confessed killer Anders Breivik returned to the youth camp where he killed 69 people, re-enacting his bloodbath for police , shot by shot. NBC 's Michelle Kosinski has more now from London . Michelle , good morning.

MICHELLE KOSINSKI reporting: Hi , Natalie . Anders Breivik has admitted to killing all of these people in and near Oslo , two different locations, though he has not admitted criminal guilt in court. And as he walked around this island and demonstrated how he killed kids as young as 14, police say still he shows no remorse. Security was extreme for this now unarmed man as police and Anders Breivik followed that same route he took one day last month when he admittedly killed 77 people. They dressed him in a bright bulletproof vest, now for his safety, attached him to a sort of leash and let him lead them for eight hours, explaining, even demonstrating, how he shot dozens of teenagers here at a youth camp.

Mr. PAAL-FREDRIK HJORT KRABY (Police Prosecutor): There was no expression of regret for his actions.

KOSINSKI: Just as he appears here, police say Breivik was calm, detailed, cooperative, gave new information. The attack itself, July 25th , lasted an hour before police could arrive and stop it. Hours before, they say Breivik set off a car bomb outside government offices in the capital, killing eight people. In a manifesto distributed just before these attacks, Breivik says he had planned this for years, motivated by strong anti-Muslim sentiment and religious views. Now back on that island, 77 deaths later, he appears to be telling everything. And police are facing questions and criticism now over how they handled the attacks. In fact, Breivik 's attorney just said that Breivik called police 10 times during the attacks to try to surrender but that eight of those calls

were unanswered. Natalie: Michelle Kosinski reporting from London . Thank you, Michelle .