TODAY   |  August 13, 2011

‘Amityville Horror’ home for sale

Movie-goers slept with the lights on after watching the iconic ‘70s horror flick “The Amityville Horror,” but the people now selling the New Jersey home where the film was shot are assuring potential buyers that no one was ever murdered there and they’ve never seen swarm of house flies. TODAY’s Amy Robach reports.

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>>> hollywood made the haunted house in " amityville horror ." now the backdrop is for sale. as i found, the home is more charming than cursed. "psycho" was a victorian. "poltergeist" a split level. but in the '70s, it was the central colonial that terrified audiences. [ screams ]

>> "the amitiville horror." it turned a suburban home into a haven of swarming flies, evil lies, and satanic voices. why get out when you can own it? that's right. the setting of the fright flick is on the market, and the owner wants to make one thing crystal clear --

>> it is not haunted.

>> the couple have lived here for years raising a family and fielding questions from people who come to the door.

>> if i see flies around or hear squeaky noises.

>> for the record, she hasn't. the spooky story takes place on new york's long island. here the cameras rolled on a quiet cul-de-sac in toms river , new jersey. it doesn't look that scary.

>> flow. it's not.

>> o'dallas gave me a tour of the property. [ squeaking ]

>> it's squeaking. including the room that left film-goers with nightmares.

>> do people sleep here?

>> yeah.

>> nothing happens to them?

>> no, nothing.

>> they don't talk to ghosts here?

>> no.

>> just checking. the house boasts four bedrooms, a pool, dock, and as you can see, an impressive water view. so i haven't seen any ghosts, no blood on the walls, no flies. in fact, this quiet new jersey home is far from haunted. it's for sale. for the right buyer who'd like a little piece of horror movie history. [ scary music ]

>> reporter: the owners say the home is filled with love and fond memories. she's sad to leave but hope it ends up in good hands. so make an offer and you never know -- maybe the horror home can be yours. while there's no door to dark not in the basement, there is a plush theater. the perfect place to watch the house around you come alive. we should mention the asking price for the home is $1.35 million. 3,000 square feet . they're waiting for the right buyer. i had my daughter with me, watching the movie in the movie room with the horror house around her.

>> she loves horror movies ?

>> she loves them. i can't stop her from watching them. i don't know where she gets it from. we're both big fans.

>> you're big fans. that looks like a nice house.

>> it was beautiful. i could move right in.