TODAY   |  August 04, 2011

Put your hair up to get more compliments

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas hit the streets to help people make a few easy tweaks to their outfit and style that will give them a better, more confident look.

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TAMRON HALL, anchor: This morning, a special BOBBIE'S STYLE BUZZ STREET EDITION . TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas literally stopped people on the streets to show them how a little tweak can improve their look. And Bobbie 's with me. Good morning. Good to see you.

Ms. BOBBIE THOMAS (Today Style Editor): Good morning.

HALL: I love this because it's a simple change and it can transform you. I love this idea.

Ms. THOMAS: Yes. Everyday looks and I, you know, I'm sitting there sometimes on the street corner and either if I'm asked something or I just notice just one little thing that I'd like to change and it makes a big difference.

HALL: All right, let's get to the people you noticed on the street. First up is Marisa from New Jersey . And she's a great example of notice your neckline. Let's look at her before picture.

Ms. THOMAS: Exactly. Yeah, I ran into Marisa at the train station.

HALL: She looks great there.

Ms. THOMAS: I'm crisscrossing the country. And she does look fantastic. And she asked, you know, 'What do you think about my look?' And what I was noticing is something that a lot of people forget, you get into a rut with your hair...

HALL: Mm-hmm.

Ms. THOMAS: ...and you do the same thing every day. And all of this extra hair is really competing with her neckline. And she was on her way to a job interview.


Ms. THOMAS: So I was like, you know, I have one trick. And if we see the after photo you'll notice that all I asked her to do was pull her hair up.

HALL: Wow.

Ms. THOMAS: And you really see such a big difference.

HALL: Yeah.

Ms. THOMAS: and it makes her look taller. And in addition to this neckline now framing her face and being a great interesting point on her, she looks more polished and put together.

HALL: She absolutely does.

Ms. THOMAS: It's not as distracting and taking away from her whole look.

HALL: Beautiful in both, but definitely you see the difference with just the change of the hair.

Ms. THOMAS: Yeah. So you don't have that problem, but you could if you have short hair...

HALL: I have short hair.

Ms. THOMAS: ...sometimes, you know, try messing around with a headband...


Ms. THOMAS: ...or something else to kind of pull a different shape off your face.

HALL: Cool. All right, let's go to Katherine from Ohio . And this is an example of shift your shape. Tell us -- or first show us Katherine 's picture. There she is.

Ms. THOMAS: Yeah. And Katherine was great, you know, she's from Ohio , like you said, and she likes to be easy breezy.

HALL: Yeah.

Ms. THOMAS: She doesn't want anything fussy. But the one small thing that was bothering me is she's got a great shape under there, and a lot of us do this, you know, we wear something loose over a section that we want something to glide over.

HALL: Uh-huh .

Ms. THOMAS: And you'll notice in the after all I asked her to do was simply tuck in her shirt. It's just a small change .

HALL: That's crazy how different.

Ms. THOMAS: But again...

HALL: Wow.

Ms. THOMAS: can really see how big of a difference. She, again, looks taller, and your eye is being drawn to the smallest point on her body and it, you know, as opposed...

HALL: Yeah.

Ms. THOMAS: the widest point on her body. So that's just something that you can think of is playing around with the lengths and noticing where a line may cut you off or not.

HALL: Right. And you didn't add one thing.


HALL: Just tucking in a shirt. I love that.

Ms. THOMAS: Just tucked in the shirt.

HALL: All right, let's go to Amanda .

Ms. THOMAS: Mm-hmm.

HALL: She was wearing cropped pants when you spotted her.

Ms. THOMAS: Yes.

HALL: Let's take a look at her before picture.

Ms. THOMAS: Now in all fairness, she was coming home from work.

HALL: Yeah. But what's wrong with this?

Ms. THOMAS: And she's wearing flip-flops. There's nothing wrong with this.

HALL: Yeah.

Ms. THOMAS: It's an outfit that a lot of women wear. This cropped pant situation really drives me nuts because unless you have a few inches to spare it's going to dwarf you, it kind of crops you as well.

HALL: Mm-hmm.

Ms. THOMAS: So what I wanted to do, if you see in the after, is just give her a little bit more skin showing. And you'll see just that simple tweak also makes her look longer and it balances this portion with this portion.

HALL: Right. And you just rolled -- you didn't cut her pants off, instead you rolled them up.

Ms. THOMAS: No, we literally just rolled it up.

HALL: Right.

Ms. THOMAS: I was on my knees, I rolled it up. And the other thing you could do with this whole idea is wearing a wedge.


Ms. THOMAS: Just wearing a wedge. Even if you were to do that with a longer length it would be a little bit more flattering.

HALL: Right. So the sweet spot, so to speak, is right below your knee, around that area.

Ms. THOMAS: A little bit past your knee.


Ms. THOMAS: Just don't cut yourself off right here unless you're going to wear a heel.


Ms. THOMAS: And I think that if you're taller you can just forget everything I'm saying. Just love it.

HALL: And just go on about your business. OK.

Ms. THOMAS: But cropped pants are tough.

HALL: Let's go to Lillian . And we've got a before picture of her. What's wrong with this look? She looks like a lot of women walking around.

Ms. THOMAS: Yeah. She's beautiful. And there is nothing wrong. But again, there's something that I notice a lot, women look fantastic from here up.


Ms. THOMAS: And this is something that I can give credit to a rap song, it's called " Shoeicide ."

HALL: I love this. It's " Shoeicide ."

Ms. THOMAS: " Shoeicide ."

HALL: That's when your shoe just blows the whole outfit.

Ms. THOMAS: She looked so great and I'm like, 'What is up with this casual shoe?'

HALL: Yeah.

Ms. THOMAS: I mean, she's wearing a really nice dress, so.

HALL: Well, she wanted to be comfortable.

Ms. THOMAS: She did want to be comfortable and that's great...

HALL: Yeah.

Ms. THOMAS: ...but I still think that you can be comfortable, you don't have to sacrifice, you can achieve both. And if you look at the after, the very small switch, and I have to embarrassingly admit...

HALL: Right.

Ms. THOMAS: ...this was our -- my shoes -- but I asked her just to switch off. And this was just to show you that it fades away. Again, you notice that she looks taller.

HALL: Yeah.

Ms. THOMAS: And more focus is being drawn to her look instead of -- you see there's this going on...

HALL: Yeah.

Ms. THOMAS: ...there's her necklace, her watch, her bag, there's -- and the color of the dress.

HALL: Completely different feel. And you recommend nude, like, shoes, ballet shoes or flats...

Ms. THOMAS: Absolutely.

HALL: ...because it blends in. That's nice.

Ms. THOMAS: When in doubt, go nude...

HALL: Nude. OK. And her husband.

Ms. THOMAS: ...if you just don't know.

HALL: You gave Lillian 's husband Sean a shout-out. Let's show his picture.

Ms. THOMAS: Yeah, I have to give him a shout-out. Sean comes walking up -- they're from San Francisco -- and I love that Sean 's in color. And so, guys, kudos for color.

HALL: Nice.

Ms. THOMAS: It's all in this blue-green color family, but it works.


Ms. THOMAS: So, you know, next time I'll do all guys, I'll kind of attack them on the street.

HALL: All right. Very good. Well, those are great suggestions, and simple. Thank you, Bobbie . It's good to see you.

Ms. THOMAS: Yes. And we have on our Web site -- please e-mail me.


Ms. THOMAS: I want to see your pictures, I will answer questions for you at home, and maybe you'll be in the next segment.

HALL: You aim to please.