TODAY   |  August 02, 2011

A look inside Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s home

Margaret Russell of Architectural Digest magazine talks about their exclusive look into the home of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith in Calabasas, Calif., “the home that love built

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ANN CURRY, co-host: This morning on TODAY'S HOME , an exclusive look inside Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith 's home in Calabasas , California . The Hollywood power couple started building their 25,000 square foot estate more than seven years ago. Margaret Russell is the editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest and she spent time with the entire Smith clan. Margaret , good morning to you.

Ms. MARGARET RUSSELL (Editor-in-Chief, Architectural Digest Magazine): Good morning, Ann.

CURRY: Lucky you. Now how was it that Architectural Digest was able to get inside the home of such a private couple?

Ms. RUSSELL: Well, it's actually a big deal because they are very private, but a friend of Jada 's had suggested it because Will and Jada found their architect through two different stories in Architectural Digest , and I think it was the perfect coming together.

CURRY: Is this the first time it's been photographed?

Ms. RUSSELL: I think it's the first time it's been photographed.

CURRY: And it's no shack; 150 acres -- how much square footage did I say?

Ms. RUSSELL: It's 25,000 square feet .

CURRY: Twenty-five thousand. OK. And the interesting part is that Will and Jada made it a priority that everything in the house, virtually everything, is handmade. Why is that?

Ms. RUSSELL: They told me that they wanted to feel the love that went into every single thing in that house, and you really do. There's a marvelous texture and comfort to everything that's there. Everything -- you can feel it, it's very -- it's very tactile and it's -- nothing is ready-made, everything is very special and made just for them.

CURRY: And even though it's very big house , you write that actually it feels intimate. I mean, it's difficult to make 25,000 square feet intimate.

Ms. RUSSELL: Well, it is, it's a challenge, and -- but it does feel intimate. You walk in and it's so inviting and I think part of what makes it so warm is this marvelous sort of spicy color palette throughout the house and there are no hard edges, there are no dead ends, everything is sort of a continuous circle, and I've never been in a house like that. It's adobe.


Ms. RUSSELL: It's very dramatic and it's a dramatic setting. It's really beautifully done and has such a marvelous feel to it.

CURRY: And when you were there, the entire family was home for most of the time?

Ms. RUSSELL: Yes. It was difficult to orchestrate, but they were -- they were all there, all doing their different things, and came together for 15 minutes for a portrait. And I think it's the first time they've all been photographed together for a magazine. But they're...

CURRY: And it...

Ms. RUSSELL: ..they are -- they were so much fun. I'm so happy we were able to do this.

CURRY: And it looks like skateboarding was involved.

Ms. RUSSELL: Skateboarding was involved.

CURRY: OK. Now one of the other ideas is that each member of the family has their own sort of space, in fact Jada has a meditation room, something every woman I think would probably love.

Ms. RUSSELL: I think anyone would want that. It's sort of a magical place with a small fireplace and cushions and pillows. And we found a cat there actually. Jada wasn't there when we photographed it.

CURRY: And the kids obviously have their own rooms and there's also a special place just for Will .

Ms. RUSSELL: Will told me his favorite place is this gazebo out in the middle of the lake. And he said that he just clears his head when he goes out there. And when you see the picture, you can -- you can just imagine why, it's really -- it's breathtaking.

CURRY: And the thing that you love the best is this, which is they shower that you -- this is actually a shower you have to talk through.

Ms. RUSSELL: When you go through that, there's a private terrace that overlooks the grounds and the mountains there, and it's -- it is just extraordinary.

CURRY: That's the terrace. That's the house. Great house. Margaret Russell , thanks so much for bringing it to us this morning.

Ms. RUSSELL: Oh, thank you. It's my pleasure.

CURRY: And just ahead, the new list of the top colleges and party schools in the US after your local news.