TODAY   |  July 13, 2011

Kathie Lee, Hoda talk pooper snoopers

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about a rental building that is sick of people not cleaning up after their dogs, so they’ve decided to use DNA from the pup’s poop to find the culprits.

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>>> 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> hi, everybody. it's wines day wednesday, it's july 13th and we are one day away from our big trip to montreal, canada . you've never been, right?

>> i'm really, really looking forward to it. it's cobblestone streets, very parisian.

>> you feel like you're in europe. some people speak french. it's lovely and the people are so nice there.

>> we came up the best ten reasons for us to go to canada .

>> number ten!

>> we can speak the language for the most part. that's you.

>> you don't have to fly to get there.

>> yes!

>> i put mine in my bag, by the way.

>> number eight, the hockey players. upon.

>> enough said. number seven.

>> birthplace of pam anderson and justin bieber whom we never hope to get married and have children.

>> and michael buble . shania twain .

>> number six, canadian beer .

>> number five, it was the home of a bear cub by the name of winnipeg which was the inspiration for winnie the pooh upon.

>> and number four, cirque du soleil began there and they'll perform for us.

>> and we'll eat something called pauline.

>> poulin.

>> p-o-u-l-i-n-e.

>> pouline.

>> it has cheese kurds.

>> listen to this. crank it a little please.

>> you know who that is?

>> the bear naked ladies.

>> they're not going to be naked.

>> the number one reason to visit canada . we can have a --

>> live audience! we are so excited.

>> oh, canada , we like it.

>> we hope there is more than ten of you. please don't embarrass us.

>> don't leave us alone.

>> bring your mother, bring your aunt, not your crazy aunt, the other one.

>> your crazy aunts are doing the show.

>> that's right.

>> there's a great piece of advice out there and we like to be on the cutting edge of these things. this one has 600,000 hits. it is a break dancer of sort. he's a guy that looks like he's all cartilage. it's almost like no bones.

>> he's so muscular to be so -- wow!

>> he's going to crack some moves in a minute. i'm sure it's about to happen at any minute.

>> is he alone in there?

>> i like the apartment. okay, mr. barelino.

>> yeah, do it.

>> okay!

>> you know what? he should be against a complete white background. apparently it's a lot more fantastic than it looked like us to.

>> the good parts are still to come.

>> 600,000 hits. all right. pooper snoopers, there is a rental building because a lot of people's dogs were relieving themselves -- number two, in people's lawns and nobody would take ownership as to who was doing the dirty deed.

>> whose dog?

>> whose pooch's poop it was.

>> and what they did in this condo complex is they're taking the dna when you move in of your dog's stuff, yes, and they are keeping it on file. they call it a pooh pooh print. so they swipe your dog. they have the info stored away, and i guess when there's something left behind someone --

>> someone goes and gets it and sends it to a lab and has it tested? isn't this an enormous amount of effort and maybe financial commitment to this?

>> why not have cameras and spy on people?

>> yeah, like the rest of america does.

>> that seems like a lot of time and money.

>> no, but that is rude, though, not to pick up after your dog.

>> we're talking about pet peeves . the things that bother you about your flashs and we have a segment about this on our show and there are some of the top things that bother the people the most about it. i think for a lot of people sometimes it's noise, it's basic stuff, isn't it? like you just hear a lot of kids screaming.

>> we have someone in the neighborhood that just can't stand blowers. there's one day for the entire neighborhood to get their leaves blown or the debris blown. the problem is their home is on a small lot and other people in the neighborhoods have much bigger homes or bigger acreage, you know? so it can't be done in one day.

>> i think people don't like lawns that look unkept. like -- you know the people that never mow their lawn and it just looks gross and the whole neighborhood.

>> how about stuff in the yard that nobody ever uses. just all kinds of stuff.

>> junk.

>> junk, and it's left all year round and if they don't use it in the summertime, they're not going to use it in the wintertime and it's not -- it's unsightly.

>> would you ever say something to your neighbor or would you leave a note?

>> i obviously haven't.

>> i wouldn't either.

>> i think people have the right to live their own lives in their own yards in their own homes and you have the right to live your own way, too. one thing that is wrong and affects everybody. the other night, and i guess we were traveling or something and i finally got into bed at midnight and all of a sudden, boom, boom, boom, boom. and that was somebody having a party in the neighborhood and it was until 1:00 in the morning, just the music.

>> that's not great.

>> now when they call police you don't get a person on the other end. you get an announcement. if this is an emergency call 911.

>> and it's not.

>> i don't want to tie up the 911 line.

>> it's not an emergency so you can't.

>> and i love adele , but they kept playing adele over and over again. the other night, it was a mile away for the bruce park museum .

>> is this adele ? i wouldn't mind this at all.

>> you would mind it at 1:00 in the morning.

>> no.

>> you would.

>> there is something with music and match making, if you are listening to adele you are more likely to get matched up with an adult-minded person.

>> let's hear some metallica.

>> i could never get on this. i love all kinds of music. i just couldn't get on it. i tried. no, i tried. oh, my god! come o let's say happy birthday .

>> mondavi . 150 years old and we're forgetting to wish mondavi a happy birthday . the good news about mondavi and everyone else that makes red wine . apparently, everybody, this is --

>> red wine is supposed to be on.

>> exercise.

>> in a glass.

>> or a bottle.

>> they fed red wine to rats and they found their body mass , they stayed strong. they didn't lose weight, but they stayed strong and the good cholesterol is maintained without risking a mouse finger they stayed the same, right?

>> uh-huh. yes, and it helps with bone density . and insulin resistance.

>> anything else?

>> it's working.

>> i don't know.

>> it's good for your heart. but not that fast.

>> so good. real quick, jet bag, if you want to pack your wine in your checked luggage.

>> and who doesn't!

>> just slide it in the jet bag. joe , get over here, baby.

>> it's like an insulated thing.

>> apparently, you can toss that baby. ooh! let's try it again.

>> you can toss that baby.

>> camera one, ow!

>> wine --

>> sorry, joe . one more time, joe -- there you go.

>> that's how the pros do it.