TODAY   |  July 13, 2011

Goodbye germs! Gadgets that zap bacteria

Digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong shows digital devices that can get rid of bacteria in your home, such as a sanitizing wand and toothbrush sanitizer.

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>>> we're back now at 8:38. this morning on "today's" tech, germ fighting. no matter how much you clean and scrub, it's impossible to get rid of all the bacteria breeding in your home. now there's some high-tech help. digital lifestyle expert mario armstrong is here with great suggestions. this is perhaps the best segment you will ever do with me. al and i are phobics when it comes to this. do these things really work?

>> that's the thing. they work just as well as you would think about a spray cleaner with chemicals. how do you really know that really works, right? one thing about uv light which is the first thing with this sanitize --

>> uv wand.

>> it uses the uv light that actually kills the dna of microorganisms.

>> this is good tort kitchen and bathroom. how close do you have to get to it?

>> very close to the surface. do a sweeping motion. but very close. it takes about six seconds to do an entire toilet. not a long time.

>> also work oons sink in the bathroom. how much is this thing?

>> 70 bucks. about $69. wireless, as you can see. great around the house.

>> if you have kids, it's worth its weight in gold. toothbrushes. germs love toothbrushes.

>> they do because it's moist and wet and bacteria can grow there easily.

>> what's this?

>> this is a hot and wet dry steam kind of sanitizer. this is made by germ terminator. basically you put your toothbrush necessary here and use electric or different size toothbrushes as well. put it in. put a little bit of distilled water ?

>> every night or once in a while ?

>> every night.

>> because you can also find your -- people don't buy new toothbrushes enough.

>> every three months.

>> cell phones . lots of nasty germs on cell phones .

>> this is a cell phone sanitizer for the iphone and other phones. it takes five minutes. a light comes on. five minutes later the uv ray on the inside kill any of the germs.

>> obvious question here, doesn't hurt the gadget.

>> does not. i put my own phone in there.

>> bottles, pacifiers, infants in your home, you're always worried about germs. this seems very warm.

>> it's sanitizing right now as you can see. this is a great gift for brand new moms and dads that are out there. but this kills household bacteria using steam.

>> is this better than putting these things in a very hot dishwasher.

>> yeah, because there's no chemicals. that's why. it's all natural.

>> talk to me about with the keyboards here.

>> a lot of people use keyboards all the time. they collect so much germs on these keyboards. the wet one by wet keys is a fully washable keyboard. you can fold it up, take it with you on the go. it's portable. i'm going to dunk it right here and submerge it fully in water so you can see that i'm not lying.

>> nothing can happen to that.

>> nothing can happen to this. it has a full mouse as well.

>> any computer.

>> yes, it is. any computer can use this because it connects via usb.

>> how much is that?

>> 60 bucks.

>> not bad. okay. meanwhile, here's a different kind of computer keyboard .

>> that's right. this is great for kids. made by toshiba. we have ketchup on here now. it's a wipable keyboard.

>> i'm glad that's just ketchup.

>> what did you think? let me see.

>> i don't know.

>> you didn't have to do that.

>> that's ketchup.

>> how much is this?

>> $468 bucks. great investment for kids. it's huh tough and rug bed. fully wipable keyboard.

>> you've got two different kinds of vacuum cleaners . what's the difference?

>> the difference one is this one actually kills bedbugs. so this is used for furniture. everyone is worried about bedbugs. simply turn it on. it has a uv light under it as you can barely see it.

>> also have suction to it?

>> a little bit of suction to it as well. roll it over the furniture.

>> that is the idea, it's sucking the bedbugs up or killing them where they are.

>> it's killing the dna of that microorganism so they cannot produce new eggs.

>> you're confident in this one?

>> i haven't been -- i don't have bedbugs. i haven't been able to find out.

>> congratulations on that. how much was it?

>> about $129.

>> and finally?

>> finally, the digital one from dyson, great for carpets as well as hardwood floors. it's the most powerful cordless vacuum on the market. love this thing. have it in my house. it's great for i picking up the fine dust particles that may be laying around the house. very lightweight.

>> price on that?

>> $299.

>> not bad. mario, thank you very much.

>> keep you germ free, man.

>> i'm trying. thank you very much.