Image: The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Canadian Tour - Day 1
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TODAY   |  July 01, 2011

Will and Kate wow crowds in Canada

Prince William and Princess Catherine kick off their first official overseas trip by wowing crowds in Ottawa, Canada. NBC’s Ben Fogle reports.

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>>> now to the throngs of royal watchers turning out for prince william and catherine's first overseas trip. nbc's special correspondent ben foegle is following them on their journey. hey, ben, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, ann. it's already being billed as the most watched canadian royal tour. thousands turned out to see this glamorous couple who will one day preside over canada . from the minute the superstar royal couple landed, it was a rush to identify kate 's dress. in a polite nod to her host country, the duchess chose a canadian designer. the couple's first stop -- canada 's national war memorial . said to be william and kate 's personal request to pay tribute to the country's combat role in afghanistan.

>> i'm really excited. yeah.

>> reporter: canada rolled out the red carpet for these royals. spectators, young and old, showed up for a glimpse of the glamorous pair. some waiting more than six hours. and kate 's fashion influence filled the crowd. how important is she as a fashion icon ?

>> pretty important.

>> pretty important.

>> reporter: from fascinators to a tennis dress, and of course there were plenty of flowers for a potential future queen.

>> she bent down and chatted with you, didn't she?

>> she asked us what's our name. and she said the flowers were very pretty.

>> reporter: would you like to look like her when you're grown up?

>> yes.

>> reporter: william and kate 's trip reminded more than a few here of another royal couple, prince chalks and diana visited the country in 1983 just a couple of years after they married.

>> i was here covering charles and diana's trip to ottawa and william was just a baby at that time. so for me, it's quite poignant to come here, seeing him now married and representing his country.

>> reporter: catering to the bilingual country, william spoke in english, and french, to show his dedication to the commonwealth. it will

>> it will improve as we go on.

>> reporter: their trip was designed in part to strengthen bond between the monarchy and canadians whose head of state is queen elizabeth . but william and kate are a modern royal couple hoping to live as normal a life as they can. bringing a fresh new look to britain's future monarchy.

>> i do believe that the tour of canada and the united states of america is the beginning of a real change for the royal family .

>> reporter: well, it's canada day here. people are already turning out for the festivities and of course with the hope of catching a glimpse of william and kate . they may have already charmed english speaking canada but their next more significant challenge will be french canada .

>> sounds like you better brush up on your french, ben fogle . [ speaking french ].

>> we'll make due. good luck. nbc news has put together a dvd of the event, the ceremony and procession, that balcony kiss. for more on this, go to our website