TODAY   |  June 30, 2011

Make your July 4th party ‘sparkle’ with these ideas

Lifestyle expert Annette Joseph shows off a bucket filled with sparklers, patriotic food platters and other items that you can use to deck out your Fourth of July bash.

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fourth of july party and haven't even begun to think about what you're going to do, we have ideas.

>> we've enlisted lifestyle expert annette joseph for some of the out-of-the-box decorating ideas. you always have some terrific ideas for us.

>> i do, i try.

>> starting with wine today, i don't know why.

>> tell us about it.

>> we love wine. this is actually a natural organic wine . but the coolest thing about it is this wine comes in a box that is biodegradeable, which is kind of neat.

>> how does it taste?

>> it tastes good, it's a real yummy wine from california. is it good?

>> yeah. love it.

>> cal-natural.

>> that's because you're off to italy.

>> everything is italian.

>> what's the sparklers?

>> we have take one. you take a sparkler and at the end of the evening, when it gets dark, you have your sparkler. it's a quick and easy take-away gift. we sls have a really cool garland. if you look in the front, it's a very homemade beautiful garland that we've made it with tree tinsel.

>> your christmas tinsel. you can recycle it. we've made cute tassles here on the napkins and they're easy to make and a lot of this will be available all of these projects on your website.

>> okay.

>> i like the runner how you've -- just made --

>> the runner is just a dropcloth. i will take these vegetable brushes, you can try it if you want. and we just squish them in there and give it a little twist and it's really, really easy and cute.

>> she's a perfectionist. we'll be here all day. hold on. how is that one?

>> let me help you.

>> you got to get the hang of it.

>> there you go, it looks like a sparkler. a sparkler is our theme.

>> cute.

>> and then to do, some cute markers for platters that people are bringing. we have this. quick, easy idea. because i like a potluck.

>> a little paperclip and cardboard.

>> i like how you've chopped up the watermelon in a very festive way.

>> we just used star cookie cutters. think simple. and i like doing a really fabulous arrangement. we took this galvanized bucket and --

>> you don't want that in a big gorgeous glass vase.

>> am i the only one drinking wine?

>> i'm highly medicated you don't want to see that.

>> to finish things off, you can take away dessert and go to the fireworks with your family this is a pie, but we have these really cool do it yourself take-away containers. i have the template on my blog and on your website as well. and then we have this fantastic ice cream that's already preput into your container with the spoon. you take it with you, when you go and of course we always love a little candy take-away for the kids.

>> who doesn't like taffy.

>> great terrific ideas.

>> happy fourth of july. and have an awesome -- she's leaving for italy for the whole summer.