TODAY   |  June 13, 2011

Regal Catherine shows off her thrifty side

During a marathon weekend of public events, the newly married Duchess of Cambridge showed she’s not afraid to recycle her wardrobe. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> it was a big weekend for royal watchers in london. a number of events brought out the queen and her family. as you might expect much of the attention was focus tond newest royal, princess catherine. nbc is at buckingham palace with more on this. good morning to you.

>> matt, good morning. we've seen a lot of the former kate middleton over the last 48 hours as she has carefully launched into her royal responsibilities. and while it certainly seems like she's bringing new life into the monarchy she's getting credit for a old royal tradition, recycling her favorite clothes. now one of the world's most photographed women, the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton , showed off her thrifty side over the weekend at a celebration in honor of prince philip 's 90th birthday, a blue brocade jacket, the same one she wore to a friend's we'ding a few years ago after she was just a commoner. yet another recycling moment when kate turned up at a friend's wedding alongside sister pippa, sporting a hat she had worn earlier in the day, and the same black and white dress she was photographed in four years ago.

>> i think the fact that kate 's recycling her clothes and even pre-royal clothes, if you like, is a very, very clever move within the british public. in fact, the worldwide public.

>> reporter: all the royals turned out saturday for the official celebration of the queen's birthday. for the first time prince william took part in the parade. yes, that's him in the over-sized bear skin hat rideing along side his father prince charles . with the traditional military fly-over, william and kate appeared together on the palace balcony, their first royal ceremony as husband and wife.

>> after she got married they disappeared for a while. now slowly bringing her in, although there's been a shorter period, a lot of events, you're going to see more and more of her.

>> reporter: it wasn't all serious up there. what did william say to his wife to get her to stif allah? and thid prince william get caught sneaking a peek at the duchess from behind? hard to say what she was looking at but when kate spins around harry certainly looks like he was caught looking. all is forgiven by sunday night's charity polo match. prince williamed a the last laugh as his team came out with a win over prince harry 's. there's speculation today by the new most eligible woman in britain, kate 's sister who seemed to dump her banker boyfriend and was last seen, get this, sipping tea in a british pub with of all people, prince harry . let the speculation begin. matt?

>> hard to keep track of