TODAY   |  June 07, 2011

TODAY’s favorite Meredith moments

From being an Olympic “Van-cougar” to her appetite for scorpions, the TODAY anchors share their favorite memories about working with Meredith Vieira.

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>>> gang's all here. we are preparing to say good-bye to our friend meredith tomorrow. ahead of the big extravaganza we want to share a couple of our favorite moments we have shared with meredith over the years. take it away.

>> you know, some of my favorite moments were you reporting from china, the beijing olympics . specifically, first of all, in sichuan province when you went first there before this actually and reported on the earthquake there. then this video, you were like -- just giggling like a girlfriend. this is when i really realized how out of control you could be.

>> it was like going up right under our dresses.

>> they were.

>> that was the beginning of when i felt like a sister to you.

>> that's a weird connection. that's all right.

>> i loved when we got to go to ireland together, st. patrick's day, dublin, go to the sheep farm .

>> you loved the sheep.

>> very nice. just dancing with you and hanging out. and the flight back and forth was great, too. we got to spend time together.

>> my favorite moments of meredith also involve travel. it's the olympics. i have been able to go with you as well. vancouver. we all know you as ms. vancougar. we had a fun girls' night out with the olympic athletes and recently the royal wedding in london. we got to have fun as well. i learned that you have an appetite for all kinds of crazy things.

>> i was forced to.

>> remember fire and ice back in the day?

>> yes.

>> remember at the beginning of the show?

>> we have videotape to prove it. you fed natalie and i grapes to start off.

>> our other moment is when you tried to produce the unproducible fourth hour of the "today" show.

>> said you're talking too much, we're sick of you. things like that.

>> i basically made a fool of myself.

>> she high-tailed it out of here so fast to avoid us. she was out by 9:00 so she wouldn't have to see us.

>> do you remember meredith 's first day here? we were kidding around with you, seeing if you were up to the challenge. we said, all right, we're going to commercial now. do you think you can handle it? here's what happened.

>> you ready to say it for the first time?

>> i am.

>> take it away.

>> we'll be back in a moment, but today -- but first -- first this is "today" on nbc.

>> redo!

>> it hasn't gotten much better.

>> we learned something that's held true throughout the last five years. you don't take yourself too seriously. you never have. you're willing to laugh with a lot of other people and also at yourself. i think that's been a terrific quality to have. by the way, there is just one other little moment. remember when the four of us got to go to the crown of the statue of liberty .

>> that was incredible.

>> it was.

>> beautiful.

>> i loved it because you were so enthusiastic. it showed that it wasn't a person who had been there, done that, gotten the t-shirt. you were excited about little things . i love the image when we were all sitting on the crown.

>> for me it's just being with all of you and i get excited every day. oh, geez. i need to stop that now. but it's the truth. this is the best job. it really is. i'm really going to miss it. i really am.

>> we're going to miss you.

>> i'm not going to miss eating weird things.

>> we'll have more fun tomorrow.

>> we are?

>> couple of surprises.

>> oh, yes.

>> it's just beginning.

>> you may want to wear the rubber clothing .

>> she does that normally.

>> that's a weekend for me.

>> martha stewart joins us in a moment.