TODAY   |  June 07, 2011

Blogger: I won’t release ‘X-rated’ Weiner photo

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer how he broke the story about U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., sending a lewd photo via Twitter to a young woman. Breitbart also says he has an “X-rated” photo of Weiner in his possession that he does not plan to release.

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>> is the conservative blogger who broke the story. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> 30 years i have been watching news conferences. that was one of the most bizarre i have seen. what was it like in the room?

>> electric. it was completely packed. i walked in coincidentally. i had just checked into a hotel room . a reporter passed up interviewing me to rush over to the press conference. i thought, well, i guess i'll attend the press conference as well. walked into the room, nobody noticed me for the first five minutes. i found a place to plug in my blackberry because it had no juice left. next thing i know there were 50 people surrounding me, asking me questions.

>> as i tuned in to the press conference, i see you on the podium as if it's your press conference. how did that happen?

>> i was off to the side being interviewed by 50 people and they said, get up on the stage, get up on the stage.

>> we can't hear you.

>> yeah. we can't hear you. i have laryngitis, so i went up on the stage to use the microphone. i actually said, is it okay if i go on the stage? i went up on the stage and i had no idea that they cut to live television.

>> for those who tuned in and thought, here's andrew breitbart hijacking the press conference?

>> the camera shows and people will attest they asked me to go up there.

>> anthony weiner heads up on stage and laid it bare. he said, look, the photos you have seen were me. i did tweet them. my account was not hacked. i lied to my supporters. i lied to my family members. what am i leaving out?

>> he certainly allowed for his min i don't knos minions and supporters to frame me as a hacker. i lost my memorial day weekend . my wife wants to kill me because i was on the phone fending off an attack that said i was the person who hacked him and i was the person who outed and savaged the woman in seattle that he sent the tweet to. i chose not to mention her name initially.

>> as weiner is up there saying, no, it's me, i lied, i'm responsible, there had to be a sense of vindication.

>> oh, you think?

>> pulsing through your veins.

>> yes. but at the same time, i disagree with everything except for israel with congressman weiner . i'm telling you, in the room i felt so unbelievably sad for the guy. it was pathetic, but it was also a sad moment.

>> if you're sad for the guy then, did you not consider that at some point you might be sad for him when you first posted the photo ten days ago?

>> well --

>> chances are it was going to end in a room like this.

>> well, you know, we didn't report the story based upon the image itself and the tweet itself. the moment that he tweeted that he was hacked, the moment that a congressman claims that his computer systems have been invaded, that's a news story.

>> but that's after the photo has been posted.

>> yes.

>> so you have a choice when you are made aware of the photo. you can post it or not. i will take you back to that moment. did you worry, as a conservative, you don't want government in people's bedrooms.

>> yes.

>> did you stop and have a debate with yourself about it?

>> well, he -- to be honest with you, i'm not the government. you know, he tweeted to 45,000 people that image. a person sent it to me. i can't think of a world in which that isn't news. as you see on the cover of the new york post and the daily news, a congressman sending that type of information is news. beyond that -- and i'm not one of these "it's just about the sex" people. if you send out images like that you are putting yourself into blackmail situations with any number of anonymous people you are sending this to.

>> in the last 12 hours i have heard people say, well, anthony weiner did the right thing. he stood up in front of the reporters and took the questions and the humiliation. the fact is he was forced into that situation. he didn't choose to do the right thing. he was backed into a corner. does he deserve any credit at all?

>> he's going to have to deal with this with his family. that was an unbelievably humiliating situation. he probably should have resigned and gotten rid of -- he wouldn't have had to deal with the humiliating moment. it was a sad moment. i felt auwful for the guy at that moment.

>> you released other pictures earlier in the day which is probably what prompted the press conference. you said you have another image you described as x-rateded. y you said you will not release it but you are keeping it. is this an x-rated insurance policy ?

>> i don't like to think of it that way.

>> people characterized it as more.

>> i don't know what to do. if there is a place i could go publically burn it.

>> under no circumstance will you release it? in other words, say anthony weiner supporters argue --

>> if anthony weiner decides to make it a jihad against me for his interpretation of putting me into this situation, you know, i will take that as a -- you know, you said an insurance policy . maybe. i can't foresee a circumstance in which i would release that. i don't think i want to put his family through that type of thing. but for instance, i have already started to hear words that megan, the woman who came forth, people are prying through her private life .

>> would you use the photo to protect these women?

>> you know, i'm not thinking of it that way, but i certainly have it in my possession. i guarantee you he would use this against me and the people on the left side of the blogosphere would have used this against me. i could have put it out there and his career would have been over today.

>> three more quick things. do you have any evidence in your possession, any other photos, any other text that would lead you to believe that congressman weiner violated the ethics rules of the reduce or committed a crime?

>> there are definitely leads based on already public communications on twitter of young women who claim to have communications with him and these girls --

>> beyond the six that he mentioned?

>> yes. i have not followed up with them, but for the last ten days this was what people were sleuthing on the internet about. so this investigation, if he wants to open himself to an investigation, there are a lot of women.

>> just to wrap this up and put it in perspective, had you come into possession of a republican congressman similar to these would you have been as quick to post the photos?

>> yes. i have to be honest. i'm repulsed when it's larry craig involved in these types of behaviors or ensign, the senator from nevada. i think these guys put themselves in a blackmailable situation. so the answer is yes. the problem is that there is the main stream media . they've got the resources and they are usual there to cover it. my contention, it's my belief that s that there is a double standard in the media in how they treat republicans and democrats.

>> andrew, thanks for joining us this morning.

>>> time for a check of the top stories from ann curry at the news desk. good morning.