TODAY   |  May 25, 2011

‘Loser’ winner sheds 129 pounds, regains fertility

Olivia Ward, 35, talks about her winning battle to lose 129 pounds, which not only restored her confidence but also helped improve her chances for conceiving a baby despite her PCOS diagnosis.

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>> her. first, this is "today" on nbc.

>>> we're back at 8:37. this morning on "get fit today" the newly crowned winner of "the biggest loser couples" the scales tipped in favor of olivia ward. she lost an impressive 129 pounds to become the fourth woman to win the title. good morning. congratulations.

>> good morning. thank you so much.

>> after all the hard work you have been through over the last several months you're supposed to sit in a comfy chair and relax, but you jump on a plane. you have flown all night to be here. how do you feel?

>> fantastic. if i could literally bottle this feeling and put it in my back pocket i would be fine for life.

>> you started out this journey at 261 pounds. you were sitting across from me right now at 132. half of your body weight . i know you have struggled to lose weight for a long time. you have tried losing weight with varying degrees of success. why was this time different?

>> i think this time for me i really worked from the inside out. i realized that weight loss happens in the mind and inside first. if you're faithful then with the exercise and diet that part is science. the body will follow. for me i had to grind my body into the ground with exercise and diet without thinking really about what was going on in the inside.

>> because you started from the inside and worked your way out is this something you are confident you can now maintain that you won't suffer a bounceback that so many people suffer once they have lost a lot of weight?

>> absolutely. i think it's something that i have to keep before me at all times. i will struggle with that every day. but because i made the change on the inside, i know that's the rock i can lean back on.

>> let's talk about some of the issues you dealt with in the past because of weight related directly or indirectly. you were diagnosed with -- help me how to say it. polycystic ovarian syndrome .

>> yes.

>> there was a high likelihood you would not have children.

>> correct.

>> have you been re-evaluated after this?

>> yes. i'm happy to say dr. hyzenga gave me a clean bill of health and hopefully with the new body and all my systems back in order my husband and i will hopefully have children.

>> what better benefit could you reap from this effort?

>> i mazing.

>> your husband ben also lost a lot of weight.

>> 113.

>> that's a family effort. it continues because your sister -- you were the first sisterers to get this far. how much did she lose?

>> off the top of my head, i don't know. i believe it was in the 120s. i think 126, maybe. i think we were really close.

>> this is a new way of life . there are thousands if not hundredses of thousands of people watching now who are struggling wildly with their health and their weight. is there a piece of advice you would offer them this morning?

>> i think the biggest thing is that you just don't look at the whole entire journey all in one bite. it takes baby steps. you didn't get this way overnight. it won't come off overnight. make one good decision a day, an hour, a minute, until you get to your goal.

>> you're an opera singer . you have lost jobs in the past because of weight. do you think it will change?

>> i hope so. i'm so ready to play the roles i have always wanted to. carmen, omnaris, ebole. i'm ready to take on the women of opera.

>> thank you for making the effort to fly across country this morning.

>> of course.

>> we appreciate it.