TODAY   |  May 23, 2011

Heading overseas? Remember these travel tips

Robert Reid of Lonely Planet shares international travel etiquette tips for drinking, dining, body language and more.

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>>> time for today's travel. if you're headed out of the country now is the perfect time to brush up on your etiquette.

>> if you don't, it may wind up costing you more than you know. robert reed has trips. he is the travel editor of " lonely planet ."

>> don't worry too much though. wherever you go, you'll be fine. this is what makes travel fun. places where people do different things.

>> we'll start with drinking because that's important to hoda. say you're traveling to australia. russia or armenia. three things we need to know .

>> australia are fantastic. if you're there, they may invite you out for a shout. talking about drinking, getting each other rounds. they call them shouts. they keep mathematical track of who's got a shot or not. it ends up late. watch out.

>> that's your round.

>> shouts. you don't have to raise your voice .

>> russia .

>> i can tell you from personal experience the reputation russia is vodka nation is true. they do not sip vodka and they do not put it in sexy cocktails. you drink full shots and you toast to the betterment of all human beings , to health and things. if you start, know it's serious.

>> i don't know how they function drinking like that. i really don't.

>> armenians.

>> i love this. in armenia there is a lot of wine and brandy. i brought you brandy to try this out. share it with your friends, but it's rude to pour the last drop of the bottle in someone else 's glass. you've got to pour it in your own. whoever finishes has to buy the next battle.

>> let's talk table manners. in portugal in a restaurant never ask for salt and pepper .

>> if your food has been delivered.

>> right. once it's on the table, this is a piece of art. it would be like going to the museum of modern art asking for oils to touch up the van gogh . this is the final masterpiece.

>> in france there is an issue about deciding how to split the bill up at the table. i agree with that.

>> i think we could use that true. faux pas is from france. they think going dutch , splitting the bill is the height of sophistication. if someone invites you out, you will probably get a free meal. you can do it the next time.

>> that's what we do. it works out well.

>> i think it's better than who got the iced tea .

>> in mexico what happens?

>> i love a place where even strange errs bond over food. if you just catch the eye of someone in a restaurant, if you're about to eat a taco, you say buen proveco. it's bigger than bon appetite . they want the food to be transformative to you. i love it.

>> that's really sweet.

>> guess who is coming tomorrow?

>> jack black . healthy foods packing on the pounds. and furry