TODAY   |  May 17, 2011

Namath helps tornado victims

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath, whose college football career began in Alabama, announces his initiative to help get relief to tornado-ravaged communities in the South.

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>> quickly say you are involved in something important. the university of alabama , you know the area deaf stavastated by tornadoes. what are you trying to do?

>> everything we can do. i will be there sunday and hopefully throughout the week. nick saban our football coach has the team out there. everyone is lending a hand. it's a team effort just like life. a lot of people are suffering. we have to help out.

>> you went to school there?

>> it takes your breath away, knocks the wind out of you. people had their homes, their history and you look at the rest of the country and what's going on, too. it's tough. we've got to lend a hand.

>> they can find out more on

>> yes. broadwayjoe tv. yes.

>> and joe, throw this. your biggest fan. a little button-hook.

>> i am familiar with this.

>> right over --

>> oh!