TODAY   |  May 13, 2011

How old is too old to wear…?

Lesley Jane Seymour, editor of More magazine, and Laura Baron, lifestyle expert, talk about age-appropriate fashion when it comes to bikinis, miniskirts, stilettos and more.  

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>>> back now with a new survey that has people talking. the question -- how old is too old to wear things like mini skirts, bikinis and stilettos? just about everybody has something to say.

>> reporter: they are hollywood superstars, some in their 30s. some over 40 and 50, all looking fabulous. but a new survey says these women are too old to wear certain styles. a british company called diet chef asked 2,000 women how old is too old for certain clothing. some of the results, you're maxed out on a mini skirt at age 35. the bikini blues start at age 47. say sayonara to stilettos at 51.

>> the message should not be you can't wear them after a certain age. take a look at yourself and wear them with confidence if you feel good about it.

>> reporter: a decade ago, the women of " sex and the city " became fashion icons. with a message that women in their late 30s and early 40s can wear pretty much anything, but can they really?

>> the cut-off for wearing a bikini in public is 40.

>> once you're past 65 i think they should be worn inside.

>> for mini skirts and bikinis, 25 is the highest.

>> reporter: for these celebrities age does not dictate fashion. madonna is 52 and a big stiletto fan. same goes for michelle pfeiffer at age 53 and cher at 64. we took a survey asking, should women wear bikinis after 47? patricia hancock sent in a photo. she writes, i'm almost 55 and still wear my checkered flag bikini -- in public, too. catherine writes i'm 47. i wear bikinis. so sue me. if courteney cox can do it at 46, demi moore at 48 and sharon stone at 53, then why can't you? all right. leslie seymour is here from more magazine. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> we are going to start a lot of women on this. this is going to anger people. according to the expiration date on wearing some of these things if you look at the survey, bikini, 47. mini skirt , 35. stilettos, 51. knee high boots , 47. leggings, 45. tight vest, 44. see-through blouse, 53. long hair, 53. ponytail, 51.

>> this was done by what i call the fashion taliban.

>> we should be in burqas. look how gorgeous she looks. look how beautiful you look. i'm wearing stilettos.

>> please.

>> at 40 we may as well put the granny clothes on, lock the door and don't go outside.

>> it's so retro.

>> without question. if you are 50 and shopping at forever 21 an alarm should go off.

>> some things can be taken away from this. is there anything you see in the numbers here that makes sense?

>> my point is it's not about age. americans try to hang everything on age. it's about appropriate. i can tell you about 20-year-olds who shouldn't be wearing a mini skirt .

>> for sure.

>> without question. when you take a bacon strip and wrap it around your body and call it a skirt.

>> yum.

>> lady gaga and the meat dress.

>> it just doesn't work. it doesn't work at 14 and it doesn't work at 50. you have to look in the mirror. you do.

>> you look at helen mirren who is in her 60s and was caught in a bikini by the paparazzi.

>> amazing.

>> she's known to wear the stripper pole stilettos on the red carpet .

>> she rocks them.

>> is she the exception to the rule?

>> don't you think the barriers have fallen away? look at how great the celebrities look.

>> also, you need to know where your goods are at. as you get older, gravity is kooky. you have to understand what fits your body and what doesn't. it's not about age. it's about appropriateness for you.

>> and there are things to help with gravity.

>> good conversation starter. we are