TODAY   |  May 03, 2011

‘Loser’ sheds enough to skydive!

Kaylee Kinikini, the latest contestant to be voted off “Biggest Loser: Couples,” chats about her weight-loss transformation, which makes her now eligible to free-fall from a plane.

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>>> now we get to say hello to -- you wanted to say it?

>> that's okay.

>> the latest contestant to have the scales tip against her on "the biggest loser couples." good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you joined with your dad and did it because you wanted your dad to be healthier. it was out of love.

>> exactly. i watched my dad. he had problems just moving around. he was in pain. for me, as a daughter to watch dad go through it was hard. i want to do anything to support him, help him change his life.

>> and the weigh-off started with a big change. rulon gardener announced he was leaving the ranch for personal reasons.

>> that was a shocker. he was a big competitor in the game. it changed the game a lot. he was having a hard time at the ranch and he wanted to leave for personal reasons so we expected that.

>> you actually gained two pounds. do you think that's the reason you ended up getting kicked off the ranch? what went into the decision? you look amazing. how much have you lost? quite a bit?

>> 68. it was definitely a shock. but just being -- trying not to get discouraged when that happens. weight loss just changes so much.

>> up and down.

>> happens to everybody.

>> it does.

>> but you lost 68 pounds. you started at 233. this means you're under the limit to go skydiving.

>> exactly. that's definitely what i want to do. in new zealand i got to do some extreme things. i want to do some more.

>> good luck to you and your dad.

>> thank you very much.

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