TODAY   |  May 02, 2011

Engel: Bin Laden’s burial at sea ‘unusual’

While some in the Middle East are welcoming news of Osama bin Laden’s death, NBC’s Richard Engel says the disposing of his body by dropping it anonymously in the ocean could be seen as offensive in the Arab world.

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>> meantime, news of bin laden 's death spread arounds the world and we are now turning to richard engel who's in benghazi for the latest on how the muslim world is reacting. richard, good morning to you.

>> good morning, ann. many people in this part of the worldle are happy to see osama bin laden gone. he's been someone who has given the region a bad reputation. he's associated islam with beheadings, acts of terrorism and many people believe he's invited foreign intervention, particularlile military intervention by the united states . that said, he does have some defenders, particularly online, in radical chat rooms and forums and there is an effort by his supporters to create a myth around osama bin laden . they are describing today that he fought to the very end, that his guards defend e eed him with their lives and one of osama bin laden 's wives, so the story goes, stood in front of him and gave up her life. while the u.s. is giving its version of events, so are al qaeda supporters, ann.

>> the u.s. says it took control of osama bin laden 's body and already there has been a burial at sea. he's been wburied at sea. can you describe a little bit about this given that dna test results are not yet in?

>> reporter: this is an unusual development. it's not common in the arab worldle to bury people at sea. it is common to bury quickly. that's customary, but disposing of a body anonymously, dropping it in the ocean is something that could be offensive in this region.

>> richard engel for perspective on that and for the report, thank you so much this