TODAY   |  May 02, 2011

9/11 victim’s mom: Bin Laden’s hunters ‘nailed it’

Alice Hoagland, whose son, Mark Bingham, died on United Airlines flight 93, says the operatives who killed Osama bin Laden “nailed it” like the heroes aboard her son’s ill-fated flight.

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>> mark bingham was a passenger on flight 93 when the flight was hijacked and crashed in pennsylvania. his mother alice hogland is with us now. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> it's been almost ten years since you lost your son mark. your reaction when you heard about osama bin laden ?

>> well, it was disbelief mingled with hope. i had despaired of ever finding this day to be a reality. i am relieved and very heartened by the news. it is the culmination of effort. a good effort by a combined intelligence community and our military. it has really paid off, all those months of intelligence-gathering.

>> the president last night in his address to the american people said that justice has been done. do you agree with that?

>> it was an eloquent speech. i applauded every word. barack obama has been a real friend to the 9/11 families. he is working hard to fulfill the promises that he has made and george w. bush deserves a great deal of credit. he promised the 9/11 families that he would not relent in his effort to find the perpetrators of the bloodshed of 9/11. this is a very strange and bittersweet day. violence marking the end of the search. not nearly as violent and bloody as the carnage that osama bin laden himself perpetrated on the american people .

>> alice , you testified on behalf of the defense during the trial of zacharias moussaui. would you have liked to see osama bin laden stand trial?

>> i would have liked to see osama bin laden stand trial. however, i have lost faith to some extent in our civilian or article iii courts. we seemed to get bogged down in the details and certain liberal groups following their own agenda have taken the essence of the 9/11 struggle out of the hands of the families. and that is a travesty. so the short answer is in some way i'm relieved that the man has no one to face now except his fwod.

>> -- god.

>> is it important to you -- and i know it is to some -- to see a picture of osama bin laden 's body to know, in fact, he is dead.

>> i take their word for it. i trust them implicitly.

>> as i said in the beginning it's been ten years since you lost mark. he was considered one of the heroes aboard flight 93 , one of those who stormed the cockpit to stop the hijackers. is there a day that goes by you don't think about him?

>> not a day. my son was the light of my life. everyone who died on september 11 , 2001 had people who loved them and who miss them and were terribly robbed by the actions of osama bin laden . i'm very proud of what mark did, along with his fellow passengers -- tom burnett , jeremy glik, tom behmer and richard diagno and that little group of guys that took a vote and decided to run forward armed with nothing more than their fists and whatever they could find on board to fight real evil, people who were determined tole kill them and everyone else they could on the ground.

>> finally, alice , one victim's family said of the news everything begins anew because of this. do you feel that way?

>> i think it is a point in time of which the american people can be very proud, which we can take stock and realize how veriile valuable our military are. i'm so proud of the courageous men who took the matter in hand, seized the moment just as the guys did on flight 93 . they didn't let the moment pass. they nailed it and they got their man. i'm very grateful to them. i can speak for a lot of nef fami -- 9/11 families when i say that.

>> thanks for joining us.

>> thank you.

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