TODAY   |  April 28, 2011

How Princess Diana shaped William’s ideals

NBC’s Keith Miller outlines the influence Prince William’s late mother has had on his life – particularly his involvement in more than 20 charities.

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>>> as we all know, princess diana will not be able to see her elder son get married tomorrow but he did make sure she was going to be a part of the event wi giving diana 's engagement ring to kate . diana had a tremendous influence on her son. we're now joined by nbc's keith miller who's going to be talking about this impact. good morning. great to have you here.

>> thank you, ann. it 's wonderful to be in such great weather. it's often not used, like mother like son. but in this case it seems to fit prince william and princess diana to a tee. when she was alive, diana , princess of wales , wanted to make a difference, and she gave william the same ambition.

>> she genuinely wanted to help and prince william naturally inherited that compassion.

>> reporter: as a tiejer he slept on the streets of london to understand the plight of the home lts and just like his mother, it's a hands-on affair. on a trip with homeless mission he said children face all sorts of challenge.

>> you move forward as best you can and get reasons why we all have problems in our lives and to get through them.

>> reporter: take jeff hubbard , 53 years old f. he got through them, homeless and honored as the official photographer for charity and crisis. today he teaches others to get their life back in focus. prince william voluntarily offered to help him by joining him in front and behind camera. the prince and the paper.

>> when you've done something like that overcome this like done a shoot with prince william , it boosts your confidence. i remember thinking, i've been there. it elevates it again.

>> reporter: the result ended up on the cover of "hello" magazine and helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity.

>> he's one of those people who's genuine.

>> reporter: the man whose mother so wanted to be queen could one day, because of her, be the king of hearts . prince william and bride-to-be kate asked their wedding guests not to bring them any guests. instead, contribute to a charity that they set up. ann, if you think about it, how many toastersa future king need?

>> exactly. such a pleasure. thank you so much.

>>> nbc contributor was princess diana 's body guard for years and he's handling security. it's pleasure to have you.

>> it's a pleasure on a really great day here in london.

>> yechlt and a big day in london. before i get to the security question , i'd like to ask you how much of diana do you see in her son william ?

>> eoh, i think that's great question. i think so much of william and diana . from the early days when i began working with watermelon and diana . diana was influential through his early school days up through his education. i see it not only physically but his mannerisms and his sense of hue more which is very entertaining for a lot of people.

>> i know that i've about been reading that he called -- he had a nickname for you which was uncle ken and that you were very close with his mother diana so you would know the answer to that question probably better than many people. what can you tell us what to expect for tomorrow given how many people are gaerthering here and the fact that so many important people will be arriving to watch this wedding?

>> i mean it's going to be an enormous day. being here on the plot as we say, the excitement is so incredible. but it will be a tre men disday for william and kate and people have asked many times about security here. believe me, scotland yard has the record of pleegs such events and such expertise. i don't believe anyone should have any fears or worries about how surge saysful this will be. unless the weather holds out it should be an amazing day.

>> it should be and we're hoping for a great day, ken wharfe, thank you is much for your perspective. have a good time tomorrow. i know it's going to be good for you given your relationship with the boy once known as will. and kathy and hoda will have more on this royal wedding coming