TODAY   |  April 19, 2011

‘Loser’ dad credits daughter for weight-loss journey

Moses Kinikini thanks his daughter, who is still on the ranch vying to become the winner of this season’s “The Biggest Loser: Couples,” for motivating him to lose weight and try out for the show.

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>>> we want to say hello to the latest contestant voted off "biggest loser couples".

>> moses, you look amazing. when you started off at the ranch you weighed more than 440 pounds.

>> i did.

>> what has the journey been like for you? how much have you lost to get to this point?

>> so far i have lost about 170 pounds.

>> amazing. look at the before and after.

>> you weighed more than 400 pounds for over ten years. what was the motivation? what clicked for you to say, i want to do this?

>> probably the biggest reason is about a year ago at this time i got to my heaviest. i was about 475 pounds.

>> oh, my.

>> everything i did, just walking around. even sitting down. sleeping was difficult. my daughter, thank goodness for kaley. she wanted to save my life. it's because of her concern for her dad. so we decided to do it together. i'm so grateful for her. it's truly changed my life.

>> she's still going strong on the ranch, right?

>> she is. i'm so proud of her. being able to do this with her has probably been one of the greatest things for me. not only to see her physical transformation, but really what she has --

>> gained out of it.

>> yeah.

>> speaking of that, you jumped off the auckland bridge in new zealand. you sky jumped. you have a whole new lease on life. what was that like?

>> to be able to jump off, my heart was pounding.

>> i bet.

>> so is mine just looking at it.

>> moses, thank you. congratulations. best of luck.

>> keep going. you look great.

>> "the biggest loser couples" airs tonight on nbc.

>> and coming up, another song from darren chris and the