TODAY   |  April 02, 2011

Learn the secrets of luxury hotel concierges

In the swanky and secret world of luxury hotels, anything goes. TODAY's Amy Robach takes an inside look at the world of luxury hotel concierges with Michael Fazio, author of "Concierge Confidential," who also reveals the craziest request he's received.

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>>> we continue our series secrets of with a look at a hotel concierge. staying at a luxury hotel has its perks, especially if you know what you want and maybe more importantly who to ask. i went behind the desk to learn the secrets of this exclusive trade where no request is too crazy and failure is not an option .

>> reporter: in the secret world of luxury hotels, anything goes. from private jets to private pool party its.

>> in the middle of a blizzard, i got a call who wanted to have an outdoor swimming party that night.

>> reporter: michael is a veteran concierge with a tell all book. what are some of the craziest requests you've received?

>> crazy. what's crazy? if you have access to a concierge and you have a budget, nothing is crazy.

>> reporter: but when nothing is crazy, things can get a little insane. like one guest's request for a bath of melted chocolate.

>> so i want to please you so bay tt i'll stop at nothing.

>> reporter: here in times square --

>> we're in the driver's seat now, right?

>> reporter: michael and his team can take you to the a-list party spots.

>> this is basically like a glitter audience celebrity site, but what i use it for is i look at where parties are happening because that's how i know if it's hot or not.

>> reporter: provide a little romance --

>> obviously if anybody's on a honeymoon, they'll want rose petals.

>> reporter: and book you the hottest ticket in town.

>> this is a map of all of the seating arrangements on broadway because people want to know where they will be sitting.

>> reporter: i was given a mission. one reservation, two people, 8:00 p.m . at the hottest restaurant in town. i have a couple who would like to come in this evening and 8:00 p.m ., a table for two. 8:30 or 7:30. all right. i'll check with them and get back with you. i couldn't hit the 8:00 p.m . target, but with a little help --

>> it's michael , i own the concierge and we have our absolute favorite, favorite client in house and i know you have 7:30 or 8:30, but is there any chance that we can fudge a little?

>> reporter: mission accomplished .

>> you're so sweet. i really appreciate it. thank you so much. okay. bye-bye.

>> reporter: and that's how it goes. the less on? if you want it, you have to ask for it. and you also say you should be honest, candid.

>> yes. well, you know, candid comes in to play around things like money and sometimes things that are a little bit spicy.

>> reporter: and leave it to the experts.

>> it's about not judging and understanding that people aren't really being demanding. they're being hopeful. people want things, you know? and it's okay with me. i get it. that's why i'm here.

>> and thank god he's there because you don't want me making the phone call .

>> how do you get reservations?

>> i don't. i don't go to any cool restaurants. he's like where do you like to go? i don't know.

>> sure, tuesday, 11:00 p.m .

>> the most unusual request i made, i was in washington for a black tie one night. i don't tie bow ties very well. i never learned. and i'm frustrated, i'm late, and i call the concierge, can you please send someone up to tie my tie. so they send a wart up. a waiter up. and i'm handing him 20s hoping to keep his mouth shut.