TODAY   |  March 14, 2011

Japanese stocks slide in quake aftermath

Top Japanese manufacturers Toyota and Sony have announced that they will temporarily halt production as the nation struggles to recover from the horrific earthquake and tsunami. CNBC’s Erin Burnett reports.

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>> begin with the economic fallout from the crisis in japan . cnbc's erin burnett has the latest from the new york stock exchange . good morning.

>> good morning. japanese stocks fell more than 6% on worries the quake will hurt the economy. the japanese central bank pumped a record amount of money into the economy to stabilize things. here's one example to bring it home . toyota is the world's largest carmaker. they shut all 12 plants in japan through wednesday. obviously part of that, many didn't have damage but it's concern over stability, how much demand there will be for cars. japan is home to sony, obviously lots of people use products made by sony and japan makes parts for things like the iphone. it is a crucial part of the global supply chain. here is what i would highlight. the japanese stock market opened. sure, it was down, but people went back to work. jap j.p. morgan says the economic impact from the middle east issue will be more significant from what we are seeing in japan .