TODAY   |  February 26, 2011

Walker, Wis. 14 continue standoff

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is publicly calling for Democratic members of the state's Senate to return to the Capitol who are protesting his budget bill, which continues to draw the ire of organized labor unions. NBC's Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> the wisconsin standoff between public labor unions and the state legislature took a dramatic turn friday. the state's assembly passed a highly contested bill, but the tug of war is far from over. mike tie's bireports.

>> reporter: at 1:00 friday morning it really was all over but the shouts. democrats shouting in anger after republicans used an obscure rule allowing them to end all debate and vote yes. but that vote doesn't make governor scott walker 's bill law . the state senate has to pass it and walker kept the pressure on the 14 awol democrats. 11 of whom were on the ed show last night did their job.

>> enough time has passed. it's time to come back and have a vote on this pleasure.

>> reporter: senate republicans have tried other means of persuasion, suspending direct deposit of the democrats' paychecks, even sending state police to several of their local homes to try and collect them.

>> until they take this backwards budget bill off the table, there is nothing to really go back to.

>> reporter: inside the statehouse meanwhile, the crowds of overnight campers and protesters keep up their vigils. a weary resolve still evident.

>> i think we're getting worn out, but we're stronger than ever.

>> reporter: within what's primarily a numbers game, it is organized labor that's taking the hits. some madison teachers getting their pay back for the days they were protesting instead of teaching, but the practical deadline for both the governor and his opponents is next tuesday. that's when the governor gives his budget address and that's when his threat to order what ioffs becomes reality if his bill has not been voted on and passed. for today, mike taibbi , madison, wisconsin.