TODAY   |  February 09, 2011

The secret to wearing red

Think you can’t pull off bold, bright red? Think again. Lifestyle expert Chassie Post shows how to pull off spring’s “it” color.

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ANN CURRY, anchor: This morning on TODAY'S STYLE , we're seeing red . It is the it color of the season, and that's good news since Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Chassie Post is a lifestyle editor -- expert, rather, for Gilt Group , and she's here with some affordable styles. Chassie , good morning to you.

Ms. CHASSIE POST: Good morning, Ann.

CURRY: What a perfect way to chase away the winter blues...

Ms. POST: Exactly.

CURRY: ...with this hot stylish color of love.

Ms. POST: Yes.


Ms. POST: And, you know, the great news is red isn't just for Valentine's Day , it really is this season's it color . And we're seeing it everywhere, from, you know, the first lady's red dress at the recent, you know, state dinner, to the red carpet to the runways. And, you know, anybody really can wear red.

CURRY: Anyone.

Ms. POST: Anyone.


Ms. POST: There are as many reds as there are -- you know, shades -- paprikas, pinky reds, bright reds. So there's a red out there for everyone.

CURRY: It certainly is a color , if you wear it, it's easy -- and you do feel more noticed. And that is...

Ms. POST: Absolutely.

CURRY: ...maybe something that people might like. And let's talk about, then, ways -- you've got actually four trends you've spotted for red.

Ms. POST: Four trends.

CURRY: And let's start with the first one...

Ms. POST: Right.

CURRY: ...and that is the little red jacket.

Ms. POST: Yes.

CURRY: And this is for a pop of color .

Ms. POST: Yes.

CURRY: So you're not wearing everything in red.

Ms. POST: And this is Audra , and we love this look. I mean, the little red jacket is one of the most effective ways to inject some color into a winter wardrobe. And plus, it's also really, really a great transitional piece to take you from, you know, winter to spring.

CURRY: And look at that necklace.

Ms. POST: Isn't it fantastic?

CURRY: With a little red on it.

Ms. POST: With the fun drama. And, you know, her little jacket is from H&M , $29.


Ms. POST: It's cropped and it goes with anything. And we paired it with some great skinny jeans from J.Crew , and then a great red strappy platform sandals.

CURRY: Those are killer shoes.

Ms. POST: And it -- yes. And red accessories, red shoes are another great way to really affordably inject some color into your wardrobe.

CURRY: OK, Audra , thanks so much for wearing those shoes.

Ms. POST: I know.

CURRY: And now we're going to take a look at something that's really about sophistication...

Ms. POST: Yes.

CURRY: ...and that's red and nude, you say.

Ms. POST: Red and nude. And Heather is our next model.

CURRY: Hi, Heather.

Ms. POST: And she shows it really well. It's one of the hottest pairings out there. And she's wearing this beautiful top, it's by Club Monaco . It's a nude sequin top. And you won't believe this, Ann , two weeks ago at the couture show in Paris Karl Lagerfeld showed a really similar T-shirt, a nude sequin T-shirt for -- paired with, you know, couture gowns.


Ms. POST: So at $89, this is a...


Ms. POST: You know, a great way to get a really on-trend piece.

CURRY: Mm-hmm.

Ms. POST: And, you know, it's a sophisticated take...

CURRY: Wait a minute, I got to slow you up there. On trend.

Ms. POST: Yeah. On trend.

CURRY: New phrase for fashionistas.

Ms. POST: New word.

CURRY: On trend. OK, you heard it here.

Ms. POST: Yes. And so, you know, pair it with a red separate like a skinny red pant and nude always looks more sophisticated. It's a modern neutral.

CURRY: OK. All right. Thank you so much , Heather . We've got another look, and that is the little red dress .

Ms. POST: Yes.

CURRY: Not the little black dress , the little red dress .

Ms. POST: Yes.

CURRY: And this is worn by Christy .

Ms. POST: Yes. And so, you know, move over, little black dress because the little red dress can be a wardrobe staple, as well. And this is sort of a more romantic, softer red dress . It's from Zara . It's just $59. And, you know, a lot of people -- we were talking about how red can seem sort of severe and very bold. But, you know, red can also be a little bit more romantic.

CURRY: Now, let me just make a point. That is very little. And Christy can pull it off, but not every woman can.

Ms. POST: Yes.

CURRY: Can you do that with leggings?

Ms. POST: You absolutely can do that with leggings.


Ms. POST: And that's a great way to use, you know, maybe a shorter dress, a tunic style, you know, to incorporate it when maybe you're not going out at night.

CURRY: Black sweater, little belt , leggings. Cute.

Ms. POST: Absolutely.

CURRY: That's right . And those shoes look pretty fun.

Ms. POST: Yes, these...

CURRY: And that pulls in that nude color .

Ms. POST: Pulls in the nude and the red. And so, you know, if you're going out at night, dress it up, try some really bold accessories like her amazing cuff. It's $50 from Top Shop . And, you know, with the bold shoe, and maybe a long necklace. And then for the daytime, a pair of ballet flats and leggings, like you said.

CURRY: All right. Christy , thank you so much . You look lovely. And now we've got the last of our morning trends.

Ms. POST: Yes.

CURRY: And this is a huge one, and this is vintage inspired.

Ms. POST: Vintage inspired.

CURRY: And you've got our model Eulema .

Ms. POST: Yes, Eulema is wearing a look that sort of combines the '50s and the '40s. And we're seeing designers look to the past but update it for present day . And so she's got a little shrunken motorcycle jacket , '50s inspired, from Rachel Roy , about $79.

Ms. POST: But sort of the big deal with this outfit is the little red short. And these are from Top Shop , they're $70. And Ann , shorts for day and for evening are a huge trend. You know, everyone from J.Crew to Marc Jacobs are showing these. And they're a little bit slouchier, they came into favor, you know, in the '50s with Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn . But we're seeing them everywhere.

CURRY: They're very romantic and cute.

Ms. POST: Aren't they cute?

CURRY: And I think with those heels it really does give a '40s feel to it.

Ms. POST: Yes, it does. You know, a '40s inspired platform. These are from Dolce Vita . And, you know, then you just take them off for a ballet flat and you've got a great day look.

CURRY: As we bring all of our models out, let me ask you this question, and that is not every one of the models is wearing red lipstick.

Ms. POST: No.

CURRY: I think there's a kind of how do you not overdo it, how do you do it right?

Ms. POST: Yes.

CURRY: What's your advice on that?

Ms. POST: Well, you know, not all the moms -- some of them said, 'I've never worn red lips.'

CURRY: Yeah.

Ms. POST: And so, you know, as we said, there's a shade for everyone, and you don't have to go full-on harsh red. There are nude sort of more glossy reds that aren't quite as bold, as you say. But I think they all look beautiful. These are some really hot moms.

CURRY: All right. Chassie Post , thank you so much for saving -- yeah, sizzling over there, Christy 's saying -- saving us some money and making us look bolder. Thanks...