TODAY   |  February 08, 2011

‘Losers’ finding success at home

“Biggest Loser” contestants Don Evans and Larialmy Allen tell TODAY that despite being voted off the ranch, they are continuing their weight-loss transformations to vie for the at-home prize.

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>>> we want to say hello to the latest two contestants voted off "the biggest loser couples."

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> don, you gained nine pounds when your brother dan after a few weeks before he was voted off. how did that make you feel?

>> well, obviously it was -- it makes you feel bad. it's a weight loss competition, not a weight gain competition.

>> i'd like to sign up for that.

>> you gained on purpose so you would be voted off?

>> no. that time was strictly inadvertent. i had no explanation. the second time when i was voted off, that was intentional.

>> now that you're home with your brother, are you working out, losing more?

>> very successful at home. doing well. i lost about 87 pounds so far.

>> terrific.

>> that's good.

>> it's going really well.

>> the ranch was tough for you to adjust.

>> it was tough if you're a control freak like i am. but it was effective. i learned what i needed to know to do this at home.

>> and laramie, your husband is on the ranch. you sacrificed yourself so he could stay there.

>> yes, i did.

>> that's true love .

>> yes, it is.

>> how is he doing?

>> he's doing very well, from what i know. they keep even the spouses away.

>> that's got to be tough.

>> it is. we haven't been apart for longer than a day. it was a lot harder than i thought it would be.

>> how much have you lost since you have been home?

>> since i have been home i have lost an additional 39 pounds.

>> wow.

>> all together i have lost 81 pounds.

>> do you think the at-home prize is in your future?

>> oh, yeah. i totally have that.

>> she's on it.

>> don and laramii, thank you so much. it airs tonight at 8:00/7:00 central on nbc.

>> and miranda cosgrove will be stopping by after your local news. my son josh loves her.