TODAY   |  February 02, 2011

2011 style trends: Festive stripes, colorful brights

Shape magazine’s Jacqui Stafford shows TODAY’s Natalie Morales spring fashion trends for women of all ages.

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>>> this morning on "today's style" top trends at any age. from festive stripes to colorful brights there is a host of new spring styles ready to wear. jackie stafford is here for fashion for women of all ages from shape magazine . a lot of people believe you have to sacrifice smile when you become mature.

>> you don't have to. you just find the pieces that are age appropriate for you.

>> first we have stripes and we have kristy and nancy . both wearing stripes but in a different way. let's talk about kristy .

>> stripes are a huge trend all over the runways. this is a plain tee we found at t.j. maxx . easy to wear with a skinny jean, a chunky heel. it's a young, fresh look for her. that's a great look.

>> moving on to nancy .

>> wearing the stripe again. a lot of women -- can i wear stripes, horizontal, vertical? a great way is a cardigan over a nice ruffled shirt. a sophisticated look. we found the shirt at victoria's secret. just a clean look.

>> to your point, nancy is stylish but age appropriate , looking elegant. kristy looks fun and festive. very nice. thank you, ladies. now to donna and fabiana showing us the sheer look which can be tricky if you're not 20. let's take a look at donna.

>> sheer is all over the runway. here's two looks with donna, again, the easiest way to wear it, is to buy a cami under a sheer top. so this is a built-in cami, but it's a cute little look.

>> very romantic, very pretty.

>> very pretty look.

>> you move it up a notch with fabiana.

>> this is all about if you want a little more coverage. pair it with a jacket over the top . so you're wearing sheer but it doesn't look like you're revealing too much.

>> your child won't be embarrassed when you drop her at school.

>> exactly. you can pair it with a cami or black top .

>> i like with fabiana she has the slim leg jean.

>> that's a great cargo pant. at any age you can wear a cargo pant.

>> and she has cute shoes on. a little heel there.

>> yes. you want the heel to elongate the frame but with a sheer wear your cami underneath.

>> you look amazing andle age appropriate but sexy. now to leah and bev. i love this mom and daughter rocking brights which will be huge for the spring. let's start with leah .

>> leah 's wearing a great dress for $44 at uk style by french connection . it's a bright print. when you're younger for brights go with a bold print like a floral --

>> why can't you wear it when you're older?

>> you can. but a lot of women over a certain age worry about the brights. for a more solid color. with leah we paired it with a cute denim jacket.

>> makes it fun and flirty.

>> she's a mom of three, if you believe it.

>> i can't believe it.

>> bev. a lot of women over 30 want to wear a bright but are scared. wear it in a solid look. we paired it with a different color for the shrug.

>> you look like you're going for tea or easter brunch. beautiful.

>> this is a great dress from jc penney . we have the inverted pleats. it's "mad men" appropriate.

>> very chic. come on out, ladies. at any age you can rock the hottest looks of the spring, look age appropriate and stylish. thank you so much. you look fantastic.