TODAY   |  February 01, 2011

Is Oldfield designing the royal wedding gown?

NBC’s Michelle Kosinski visits couturier Bruce Oldfield, rumored to be the designer of Kate Middleton’s wedding gown.

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>>> we count down to the royal wedding just 87 days from now. who will design kate 's dress? the field is down to a handful including bruce oldfield , one of diana's favorites. kate 's mom and sister paid him a visit and so did nbc's michelle kosinski .

>> reporter: the fashion heart of london, you will find bruce oldfield quietly sketching for queens and first ladies. silk and pearls become magic. flowers, crystals and 600 feet of lace. that's what royal wedding dreams are built out of.

>> you have to have glamour. it has to have gravitas.

>> reporter: what does everyone want? he cannot breathe a word whether he's the one chosen to wrap kate middlet middleton. her mom and sister did pay a visit touching off rumors.

>> everyone wants to do it.

>> reporter: bruce transformed decades of celebrities and princess diana .

>> i remember, you know, going to kensington palace doing the fittings on the princess of wales and harry and william would come running in and out.

>> reporter: when you look back at the photos?

>> there are one or two you think, uh-oh.

>> reporter: but he said every great gown must be an icon of its time. for kate he sees kate , arms covered, sensual but regal with structure.

>> reporter: can she do sparkly?

>> she can. but i think this is too old for her.

>> reporter: do you have a vision of what you would like to see them in?

>> tragt awoh, straight away. i'm good.

>> reporter: of course. imagine the pressure designing for history seen by possibly billions.

>> and the dress has to make people cry.

>> exactly.

>> reporter: bruce holds a cinderella story of his own. raised in orphanages and state care his forther mother was a sea seamstress. after graduation, doors opened -- palace doors. did you think you would possibly design the wedding gown of a future queen?

>> no, no.

>> reporter: did you see yourself as being that?

>> no.

>> reporter: bruce did drop a surprise. we may be talking two heart-stopping gowns here. one for the wedding and another for the ball.

>> somebody has to design that, too? is it the same designer or two different?

>> well, who knows?

>> reporter: just stop right there. it's too much. could kate 's vision of beauty be taking shape right now in the hands and heart of bruce oldfield ? he'll never tell.