Khalil Hamra / AP

TODAY   |  February 01, 2011

Egypt’s biggest protest demands changes

Crowds of angry protesters pour into Cairo’s Tahrir Square demanding the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. NBC’s Richard Engel reports from the Egyptian capital.

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>> news we are following -- that massive rally in cairo . the largest protest since the anti-government uprising began last week. richard engel is in cairo with the latest. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. the egyptian government cut the main road headed to cairo and train service, but it is not keeping protesters from tahrir square in the center of the city. they were calling for a million to protest. it looks like they'll make it. this is the biggest march of unprecedented demonstrations in egypt. it began early as the curfew was lifted this morning. the crowds have been pouring into tahrir square all morning. they are bringing food and water. they are planning to stay all day saying, mubarak , this is your final day.

>> we want to face mubarak . we have had enough in the last 30 years.

>> reporter: by noon, more than 100,000 were in tahrir square demanding that president mubarak step down. the protesters are students, islamic groups, the unemployed, government workers, all with different agendas, but united in a call for mubarak to leave although there is no consensus on who should take over. so far the mood has been largely festive. for the first time, families are out. the rest of egypt is shut down. the pyramids are closed. the army set up a perimeter around the demonstrators but said it will not fire on its own people. there are also large demonstrations in the city of alexandria. they say mubarak has until friday to step down. meredith?