TODAY   |  January 31, 2011

Israel fears fallout of Egypt clashes

NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports from Tel Aviv, where Israelis are tuned in to the political uprising in their neighboring country.

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NATALIE MORALES, anchor: And the world is watching as Egypt enters its seventh day of clashes. Israel , a neighbor and longtime ally of President Hosni Mubarak , is monitoring the escalating situation especially closely. NBC 's Michelle Kosinski is in Tel Aviv . Michelle , good morning.

MICHELLE KOSINSKI reporting: Hi, Natalie. And it is so physically close to them. People here say they're watching this as if they're watching a war constantly on television. And many of them, especially older people, will say they're very much afraid of what happens next in Egypt . Will Israel still have that one key ally in its own region? The younger people, though, the students seem to say the exact opposite, that they're not afraid, they feel secure. They see in Egypt other young people who are a lot like they are looking for freedom and opportunity, not radicalism or militancy. That, though, of course, is still the big unknown that everyone is watching, who will gain power next in Egypt . And already we're starting to see some people crossing over into Gaza through tunnels, some of them militants against Israel who just escaped from prison in