TODAY   |  January 26, 2011

Meet the most popular pooches in America

From beagles to bulldogs and retrievers, The American Kennel Club’s Gina DiNardo reveals which five breeds are America’s top dogs.

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>> this morning on "today's pets" the top dogs of the year. many of us treat our furry friends as members of the family, but there are dogs that are more popular than others. gina denardo is here from the american kennel club . you're the most popular person in the building today. you have brought some cuties with you.

>> we have.

>> you do this every year. were there surprise this is year?

>> there are a couple of moves up at the lower end of the spectrum, but the top five pretty much -- they switch positions but they are still america's most popular breeds year to year.

>> there is a line-up adjustment.

>> exactly.

>> okay. the first breed, number five is --

>> can you love this? the golden retriever who dropped a spot from four to five.

>> nothing dropping about you.

>> absolutely.

>> this is an adorable great active smart intelligent breed. they are beautiful to look at and a joy to own.

>> originally bread fd for --

>> hunting and retrieve. they worked in the field with the hunt. they are bred to work all day.

>> good family dog but you have to walk them.

>> exercise them physically and mentally. very smart. they do well in obedience and agility. they work with people doing search and rescue and therapy. they're great dogs.

>> you are the cutest. i love you so much. i'm going to be kissing them all. next up, our number four spot goes to --

>> the beagle. now, the beagle, he displaced the golden retriever . he's number four. these are curious little guys. they are hound dogs, scent dogs.

>> and they are vocal.

>> they are. they will get into trouble and mischief if you let them prowl around.

>> that's not a face of trouble.

>> it is. they will follow their nose and they like to make sounds. that was their job in the field. they would make noise for the hunter to know where to go.

>> she's got sizable paws. what's the average size full grown?

>> two sizes. 13 inches and 15 inches. we're not sure what this one will be yet.

>> you believe this is popular because it's a good size for the family?

>> portable size and a great temperament. good with children. easy to care for with a nice short coat.

>> she's easy like sunday morning, just cuddled in.

>> do you want to hold her?

>> you don't have to ask me twice. next we have baby gaga. the yorkshire terrier . i love the name.

>> this is the yorkshire terrier . number three for two years in a row. this is a feisty, active little breed. they are tenacious and are a true terrier in a toy body.

>> they call it the terrier personality.

>> they have a trademark beautiful silvery blue , tan coat.

>> beautiful.

>> they're very smart. if you want a little dog to participate in akc agility or obedience this is a trainable breed.

>> are terriers more popular in major cities where you have less room to walk?

>> portable breed. they are popular because people want to be with their dog as much as possible.

>> the coat is long but you don't have to keep it long which makes this puppy easy to maintain.

>> proper coat, easy to maintain with length if you brush it often. you can keep it short.

>> let's go to the number two spot. it goes to a breed made famous by rin-tin-tin. the german shepherd .

>> look at this baby. i think this is the most versatile breed. energetic, active, loyal, intelligent. they bond with the family and they are used for so many purposes because of their intelligence.

>> that face says loyalty.

>> absolutely. you see them working with man in border patrol , search and rescue . they can work outside.

>> says a lot when you're with a germ german shepherd . basically get away from me. they're beautiful.

>> up to the number one spot , it is the labrador retriever .

>> how many years has the lab been the number one dog?

>> this is the 20th year in a row. i think that makes him the king of the canine world. they come in three colors. this is yellow lab . they have chocolate and black. they are great family dogs because they're calm and gentle.

>> good with kids.

>> before we let you go there is a breed moving up, not in the top five but becoming popular. the bulldog.

>> the bulldog.

>> the dog of the future!

>> since it got into the top ten it keeps moving up. it's number six this year. maybe next year.

>> well, you are surely number one in my heart. i