TODAY   |  January 19, 2011

Preston ‘blessed’ with baby Ben after tragedy

Actress Kelly Preston, 48, tells TODAY’s Natalie Morales that she and husband John Travolta, 56, were “fortunate” to conceive a “gentle and peaceful” baby boy after the death of their son Jett.

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>>> coming up on 8:38 now. back with an exclusive interview with actress kelly preston . she and john travolta are new parents again. the proud mom spoke with "today" national correspondent natalie morales .

>> good morning, matt. i sat down with kelly preston in los angeles on monday for her first tv interview since benjamin was born. we talked about everything from mother hood to her religion and how baby benjamin brought her a new sense of purpose.

>> it's so wonderful to bring another child into the world and to look at things through his eyes. he's so innocent and just so sweet.

>> reporter: i understand that john actually came up with the name benjamin .

>> he did.

>> reporter: where did it come from?

>> two of our favorite names were benjamin and jett. so we would jockey between the two. always loved the name ben. i don't know. it's really a great boy's name and a man's name. it's also a gentle name and he is. he's just peaceful and gentle and very present.

>> reporter: i love this issue of "people" magazine. i can't get enough of the picture and the gorgeous family shots. who does he look like? i see john's baby blues .

>> exactly like his daddy.

>> identical.

>> we just saw a picture of johnny when he was an infant, the same age and jetty, too. three same pictures.

>> reporter: benjamin is john and kelly 's third child. their daughter ella blue is 10. their son jett died tragically in 2009 at the age of 16 after suffering a seizure. now kelly says the public support following benjamin 's birth is something that helped ease the family's heartache.

>> it's been wonderfully healing. it's still every day, of course. but it's been -- i think a really nice gift for a lot of people throughout the world. we have gotten the most beautiful letters and the most beautiful notes of happiness. i think just sort of a sigh of relief. that's been really nice to sort of share that with people.

>> reporter: you and john have both called benjamin a miracle. i know you went through a lot to have him. you tried for about three years. how is he your miracle?

>> just for that reason. with both of our ages and that we tried for so long. we tried earlier as well. it was off and on for a while. but really for quite a few years. i just think any time you get pregnant at this age it is a miracle.

>> reporter: you have talked openly about your age. you're 48 years old. i know your doctors probably told you the risks. did you consider the risks of having a baby later in life?

>> i didn't. not the risks. i just considered that it was difficult. i never thought that would be me at all. i think we're just really happy that we are so fortunate.

>> reporter: why do you think it worked this time?

>> just that we kept trying, i think. and we were blessed with just being lucky to be able to still conceive.

>> reporter: i know, it's obviously well known that you and john are scientologists. you talked about having a silent birth . for those who don't understand, explain what that is.

>> silent birth is just no words as much as possible. if you need to moan, cry out or all of that, of course, that's normal. but just bringing them in in as peaceful and gentle a way as possible because l. ron hubbard found the single source of aberration of psychosomatic illness , stress, fear, worry, things like that have to do with the reactive mind . in that part of the mind is different words and commands that can come back to affect you later in life. i'm blessed with three -- you know, my kids have always been amazing. just very calm, peaceful, happy. i absolutely know that it's very much because of that.

>> come to bed. the kids are asleep.

>> reporter: these days kelly preston is a busy working mom. in addition to a new baby she has a new movie out "casino jack" starring kevin spacey based on the true story of disgraced washington lobbyist jack abramoff . she plays his wife pam.

>> you work in washington now.

>> babe, washington is hollywood with ugly faces.

>> reporter: why did you sign on for this?

>> first and foremost because of kevin spacey . he's just so brilliant and always good in what he does. innovative and exciting as an actor.

>> what was it about the relationship you had with each other? i know you were going through a hard time so you needed that.

>> he was a lifesaver really. i didn't want to go back to work, but every day -- he's so naturally funny. he made me laugh and that was the greatest gift he could have given to me while we were working.

>> as for her movie career kelly said she has no plans to go back to work right away. she wants to focus on her new baby, on her family.

>> she's glowing. she really is.

>> absolutely.