TODAY   |  January 17, 2011

Sizing up celebrities’ Golden Globe styles

Celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Antin and actress Lisa Rinna say both the guys and the dolls brought their top-notch fashion sensibilities to the 68th annual Golden Globes.

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>> awards show isn't just about winning the trophy. it's also about scoring on the red carpet .

>> that's right. millions around the world watched to see who wore what and sizing up the celebrities. we have lisa rhinna and celebrity hair stylist jonathan anton joining us.

>> good morning.

>> for the afterparty here.

>> that's right.

>> overall impressions, lisa , of the women.

>> i think they were fantastic. i really do. i think the women brought it last night. i was very excited by the fashion.

>> and i know, jonathan, you thought the men, everybody was pretty much --

>> yeah. i thought the women, the hair looked great as well. but i thought the men stepped it up. the guys brought it last night. you know, from head to toe .

>> i agree.

>> the tuxes, hair, everything was great.

>> a lot of beards on the red carpet on the men.

>> i'm glad you finished that off.

>> goatees --

>> okay, al. we got no sleep last night.

>> olivia wilde . what do you think?

>> i love -- that was my favorite, yours.

>> it was my favorite. she came out first on the red carpet . i was like, oh, my god.

>> doesn't get any better.

>> to wear a dress like that, that's a big dress. absolutely stunning.

>> she belonged on the top of a cake. gorgeous.

>> great hair. hot, beautiful, sexy. just really soft.

>> look at that. the dress is so big you probably want to go sleek with the hair.

>> absolutely. it was really simple. sleek but simple.

>> and a similar haircut was sandra bullock 's. a lot of folks didn't think it worked?

>> i thought a little too much bang. i love sandra. she was my favorite last year. i was all about sandra last year. but this year i thought the bang was about an inch too long, too heavy, covered her up too much. but, you know, she's doing a new thing. so, you know --

>> exactly. maybe she just wanted to show that.

>> new boyfriend, new bangs.

>> she's going to address that a little later on.

>> breaking news on that. eva longoria . a favorite for both of you.

>> gorgeous. i think it was her best dress ever. she's such a beautiful woman, such a great person. but this dress -- and she's a small girl. to pull this dress off the way she did, she knocked it out of the park.

>> look at the neck. the neck of the dress is what's so stunning on her with her hair up.

>> did you like the hair?

>> i'm looking at her hair.

>> you're not looking at her hair, al.

>> and, yes, her boobs look good, too.

>> thank you, lisa .

>> yes!

>> that's what every man in america is saying.

>> they look great.

>> melissa leo wore black as well and she won for "the fighter."

>> she looked great. i loved her speech. i thought her enthusiasm, excitement. look at that. she was stunning.

>> very elegant.

>> a contradiction to her character in "the fighter" which i loved.

>> you wouldn't imagine her cleaning up like this.

>> you wouldn't think it is the same person.

>> and two words --

>> halle berry .

>> hallelujah. right?

>> just okay. um, fantastic!

>> she can't do any wrong.

>> she always looks great.

>> she took a risk with the bottom of the dress. it's stunning. she just takes your breath away, drops your jaw.

>> i would have liked to see her with some hair. throw a weave in that hair.

>> really?

>> throw a weave in that hair. give us some long tresses.

>> seriously?

>> sexy, babed-out hair. i mean, look. halle berry , doesn't get any better. she could shave her head bald. she's beautiful. but you've got to admit when halle shows up with long, hot hair that's as good as it gets.

>> i don't know. that was pretty good.

>> i like it short.

>> and michelle williams came in a hair cut very similar.

>> short. too short. nothing, boyish. but she's great. she's cool, you know.

>> she's so cool.

>> lisa , you don't love the dress.

>> i think it's soft and pretty. i'm not sure it's a golden globes dress for her. she's so stunning. at the academy awards she came out in the yellow vera wang and i will never forget it. i don't know. i would like her to step it up.

>> she could have used a weave, too.

>> working the weave.

>> iron that hair out.

>> a lot of it was baby got backless.

>> it was so chic and stunning. i loved the long sleeves. anne hathaway , angelina, the long sleeves tr stunning with the back cutout.

>> do you know who i loved? emma stone . newcomer to the red carpet knocked it out in the simple calvin klein , the coral, pink, blush. it was everywhere.

>> i liked angelina's hair. you may not have. i thought she looked hot.

>> that gorgeous calvin klein . look at the back.

>> she looks great. a great back.

>> and hayley steinfeld from "true grit".

>> age appropriate.

>> she looked great.

>> lovely hair.

>> makeup.

>> how cute. that's how you should look. she's 14.

>> yes, 14 years old.

>> how about natalie portman 's gown?

>> you know what? i think it's hard to find your pregnancy style. i do. i think she's doing a great job. she's beautiful. she's stunning, glowing. i think it's just really hard. i think in awards season to find a pregnancy style, that's not easy.

>> with the little belly.

>> she carried it beautifully. i don't love the pink shiny.

>> there was a lot of pink on the red carpet .

>> that's a great cut, isn't it?

>> i'm not a fan of the big tight twist up-do, but on her, she looked amazing.

>> i agree.

>> i liked it.

>> she's probably going to get another shot at it come february.

>> i bet, yeah.

>> ruffles were big. amy adams , julie bowen , lea michele .

>> nude was big.

>> green.

>> lots of green.

>> it was a great red carpet and the men looked hot.

>> they were awesome.

>> brad.

>> the guys got it done.

>> johnny depp .

>> justin bieber looked cool.

>> wearing that dolce & gabbana .

>> he even had the hairdo going on. that forward bieber thing.

>> the bieber thing.

>> we were talking to his publicist. he said, i think it's time to change the hair soon.