TODAY   |  January 17, 2011

Fashion hits and misses at the Golden Globes

TODAY’s style expert Bobbie Thomas and InStyle magazine’s Hal Rubenstein weigh in on which stars got it right and which got it wrong on last night’s red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards.

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>> on fashion at the golden globes let's welcome in bobbie thomas, hall rubenstein from "in style" magazine as well. good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i thought everybody looked really good. bobbie, your overall impressions?

>> individuality and it's refreshing. that's what style is about. there was something for everyone because it seemed as if celebrities really loved their dresses. you heard them say time and time, i just love my dress, i'm comfortable in it. everything from sleek minimalist looks from calvin klein to olivia wilde 's marchesa ball gown that was so grounand. i loved it.

>> olivia wilde , hal , what do you think?

>> it's a magnificent dress. it looked black in the photo but it's a great deep chocolate brown. it has extraordinary detail work. it follows with fashion. not real sparkle but heavy metallic that's being worked into it. it's an extraordinary piece of work and a lot of dress. i think it's hard to show up sort of just on the confines of a stage but in person it's quite something. she knows how to carry it off.

>> go ahead.

>> you know what i loved? she left the hair simple and effortless and fresh makeup. she found a way to make this big ball gown sort of look playful and easy because normally people would think, wow, that's a dress. she said, give me 20 feet, i'm a wide load.

>> you think about the stars and all the designers want them to be seen in their designs. they have lots of choices to make. hal , kyra sedgwick , why did you like the choice she made?

>> because i think the coloring of the -- that sort of mustard-melon color she wore just fit her perfectly. number one, it's a very grown-up dress. she's not a child but she has a great air and energy about her. this color just made her happy. it was great with her hair. she had beautiful green lorraine schwartz earrings, one of the few people who wore a lot of jewelry last night. the jewelers must be weeping. it wasn't a night for grand jewelry which took away some of the fun. this was a great dress because it worked in her color.

>> and the great ruffles. i liked the ruffles. matt and i both liked anne hathaway 's dress. what did you think?

>> one of my favorites of the evening. this really spoke to the one trend i did notice is that the carpet felt more modest, covered up. the long-sleeved gowns.

>> what about that one?

>> that's the exception. we don't stare at the back much but when the girls turned around, whoa, what a statement a bare back can make. she looked like an old hollywood siren, just gorgeous head to toe . i loved the shoulder pads. she looked beautiful. it was armani.

>> if somebody was making a list of how people looked last night, natalie portman , who is pregnant -- and there's a red carpet challenge. how do you think she did?

>> so much pressure. all eyes on natalie. her fans would be so excited. this was still so her. it was fun to see everybody step out on the carpet. when you saw the unexpected red applique on the viktor & rolf gown it was a nice combo. she did well. she always pulls it off as herself. i really liked the dress. some people were unsure, but i think she hit it out of the park.

>> she looked so happy wearing it. we have emma stone who is a newcomer to the golden globes . she was nominated for "easy a." hal , what did you think? she wore color.

>> i thought she looked sensational. she's a newcomer. i saw "easy a" on the plane coming over and i was knocked out by her. she has a great whiskey and soda voice and yet she showed up in a transformation with the hair blond for the shooting of "spider-man" and the calvin dress is so clean, so simple and modern. once again, very little jewelry. sorry, jewelers. but she looked young and smart and like the next generation of hollywood which is what i think all these young stars should do instead of emulating older stars.

>> bobbie, let's bring it back to you.

>> i want the viewers to know what you were doing. matt is shaking his head going, oh, yes.

>> i love simple. i'm not a ruffles person. i think that's simple and stunning.

>> less is more. this is a big trend you will see this year. minimalism will be huge. a lot of people have seen overembellished looks and this is fresh.

>> hayley steinfeld is 14 years old. how do you dress in a way that's appropriate for 14 and appropriate for an event with great tradition in hollywood ?

>> imagine the pressure on her parents. your 14-year-old is going to the golden globes . she nailed it. this was so age appropriate . the ponytail was youthful and fresh. she looked clean. this is going to be such a great picture for her to look back on. she's on point completely.

>> let's speed it up a little bit. scarlett johansson .

>> loved her nod to the vintage look. she was in ellie saab. a lot of people were surprised by the hairdo. it was avant-garde. i thought it was fun to see this -- once we get footage of her, i hope. it was a vintage dress -- vintage-inspired.

>> there you go.

>> it was a fashion-forward hairdo. i liked that she went different. i loved the hair. some didn't. i really liked it.

>> hal , i hope the control room is following. let's talk about january jones , one of the stars of "mad men." what did you think of the bright red dress?

>> the bright red versace . that sure got your attention. she had seen it on versace 's runway in blue. she's one of the new faces for versace for the ad campaign . she asked for it in red. i think it worked about 80%. i think maybe it was cut possibly a little bit too low. she's very thin. maybe a little bit too low, but the hair and makeup were sleek and went with it nicely. i wish there was a little bit -- i think the panelling on the sides could have been taken in more and it would have fit her better.

>> halle berry , another risque dress.

>> as al said, i don't think al noticed the dress at all. she's so ridiculously beautiful and, yes, it's like the dress only partly showed up. the corsetry on top is fabulous, but the bottom is like not completely there. but her hair and makeup looked incredible. every man's jaw dropped on the red carpet . i won't criticize what she wore.

>> now we'll talk about the color green making a big splash on the red carpet . why and did you like it?

>> this was the jewel tone. we didn't see blue or purple. the emerald green was great. catherine zeta jones was one, mila kunis and angelina jolie all stepping out in the bold, regal -- even elisabeth moss here.

>> helena bonham carter . she wore something quirky.

>> i would be so disappointed -- and i think hal would feel the same, if she didn't show up in her own sense of style. she's got this victorian sensibility. i loved the mismatched shoes. it's so her.

>> wanted to go over other concepts of the evening. lots of sleeves, more covered up. what about nicole kidman ? what did you think of her look?

>> i hate -- i was a little underwell. ed. i love nicole kidman . i felt this was a dress that really didn't flatter her silhouette as much. i wasn't a fan. hal , what did you think?

>> hal ?

>> i was a little underwell. e ed. she's one of the people you look to to do something special. she and angelina played it safe and slow. they're great beauties, great stars but you want more wow. like bobbie said before if helena bonham carter showed up in calvin klein it would have bummed me out.

>> it was nice to see everybody do their own thing.

>> thank you so much, both of you this morning. it was fun.

>> yeah.

>> we're coming back with much