TODAY   |  January 09, 2011

An outpouring of grief in stricken Tucson

As the community mourns those lost and injured, NBC’s Kristen Welker profiles two of the victims of the shooting that left Rep. Gabrielle Giffords fighting for her life: Federal Judge John M. Roll and 9-year-old Christina-Taylor Green.

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LESTER HOLT, co-host (Tucson, Arizona): Congresswoman Giffords miraculously survived, but tragically, as we've reported, six people died at the hands of the suspect. For more on those whose lives were lost, we want to turn to NBC 's Kristen Welker . She joins us from outside Tucson 's University Medical Center . Kristen , good morning.

KRISTEN WELKER reporting: Good morning to you, Lester . Well, 10 people are still recovering here at the University Medical Center , including Congresswoman Giffords . But this is the same spot where dozens came to mourn and pay their respects to those who were lost overnight. An outpouring of grief from a community torn apart, their tears and prayers for the ones they lost in Saturday's tragedy, members of their Tucson family gone, but not forgotten.

President BARACK OBAMA: Among them were a federal judge , John Roll , who has served America 's legal system for almost 40 years, and a young girl who was barely nine years old.

WELKER: The judge was 63-year-old John Roll , chief judge for the United States district court for Arizona . He had stopped by Congresswoman Giffords ' event just to say hello.

Unidentified Man #1: We brought numerous cases in front of Judge Roll . And he was a very fair and honest, often humorous judge.

WELKER: His other titles: father of three, grandfather of five and friend to many.

Mr. CLARENCE DUPNIK (Pima County Sheriff): I've never met a more sincere, fair-minded, brilliant federal judge , or any judge, for that matter, in my whole life.

WELKER: Just nine years old, Christina Taylor Green was the youngest victim.

Mr. JOHN GREENE (Father, Christina Taylor Green): was a beautiful, strong little girl.

WELKER: Loved ones say the third grader had gone to Giffords ' event to learn more about the political process. Green 's birth date may have helped fuel her civic passions. She was born on 9/11 and featured in a book of babies born this same day.

Mr. GREENE: She came in on a tragedy, and now she's gone out on a tragedy. But the nine years in between were very special.

WELKER: An impromptu vigil was also held at a local high school for Gabriel Zimmerman .

Unidentified Man #2: I remember the first thing I thought was just like no, no, no way. It -- just hoping that it wasn't true.

WELKER: The 30-year-old worked with the congresswoman in community outreach . He was recently engaged. Despite the bloodshed of the day, songs of resilience filled the air by night, the community forever changed. Now, those three who were also lost are Dorothy Morris ; Dorwin Stoddard , who was a local pastor; and Phyllis Schneck . Now, of those who are recovering, five here are listed in critical condition, five are in serious condition. And we are expecting the medical officials here to update us on their recovery

process in the next few hours. Lester: Deep sorrow here this morning. Kristen Welker , thanks very much. And once again, here's Jenna .