TODAY   |  January 05, 2011

Homeless man stuns with golden voice

TODAY takes a look at a viral video featuring a homeless man in Ohio who has captured attention for his radio voice.

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>>> the latest viral video sensation. a homeless man with a remarkable voice discovered on the side of the road in ohio.

>> work for your dollar. say something with that great video voice.

>> you're listening to magic 98.9.

>> thank you so much, god bless you. we'll be back with more right after these words.

>> at 14, i kind of listened to one of our area radio announcers and i went as a field trip to go meet the guy and he looked nothing like what he sounded like. so i asked him about that and he said to me, listen, radio is defined theater of mind. so when he said theater of mind, i said, hey, i can't be an actor, i can't been an on air personality. but the voice just became something of a development over the years and i went to school for it and then alcohol and drugs and a few other things became a part of my life and i have two years clean and i'm trying hard to get back and hopefully somebody from one of these television or radio stations will say hey i need a voice over or i need something.

>> what a voice he has.

>> i mean that is so cool. he's got a beautiful voice and i like the story. you know, a guy in need of a second chance, no question about it.

>> absolutely.

>> so we're going to fly mr. williams in here tomorrow and talk to him here in studio and maybe see if we can help out a little bit.

>> get him some voice over work which would be nice. he's certainly deserving of it.

>>> and just ahead the grocery store items being downsized just not the price.

>> after your local news and weather. o see this weight-loss counselor. and she looks like...