TODAY   |  December 27, 2010

Winter storm halts air travel

The Weather Channel’s Eric Fisher reports from New York City’s LaGuardia airport, where hundreds of flights have been canceled, stranding passengers.

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>>> airplanes they would prefer to be on right now. the winter storm has made air travel a mess. eric fisher is at laguardia airport to tell us more about the situation there.

>> reporter: it's pretty festive at rockefeller plaza , it's not so fest tiff here at laguardia airport . we have a lgot a number of folks sleeping in the terminal. it is very peaceful, a lonely meteorologist today because no one has been coming in. last word, 4:00, that's when the airports are going to be opening up. we're going to be talking about a 4:00 reopen for laguardia, jfk and for newark. but that is tentative. i would definitely call ahead if i was flying today and definitely show up early for your flight as well.

>> the lonely meteorologist.

>> thanks, eric, it was really nice of you to do