TODAY   |  December 15, 2010

He shed 181 pounds to be ‘The Biggest Loser’

Patrick House, an unemployed father who came to the ranch at a whopping 400 pounds, says old pictures of himself show a “completely different” man than the reality-TV show winner he is today.

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AL ROKER reporting: Back now at 8:44 with the man who has to be proud to be called the biggest loser. Patrick House was crowned the winner of NBC 's hit reality show last night after dropping an amazing 181 pounds. Unbelievable. Looking ripped. Look at those arms.


ROKER: Made the cross-country flight to be with us this morning. Patrick , thank you so much for joining us.

Mr. HOUSE: Thank you, Mr. Roker , it's good to be here.

ROKER: Congratulations.

Mr. HOUSE: Thank you.

ROKER: Has it -- has it hit in -- hit yet? I mean, I'm sure you haven't gotten much sleep.

Mr. HOUSE: I haven't had much time to sleep. Fortunately I had my wife, Bradley , with me on the plane last night and we were both just so excited.

ROKER: In fact, Bradley 's right over there.

Mr. HOUSE: Yes.

ROKER: Bradley , you must be so proud of Patrick .

Ms. BRADLEY HOUSE: Oh, I'm so proud of him. He looks amazing.

ROKER: He really does. And you and Frado were neck and neck all the way. I mean, it was just an infinitesimal amount separating you. Did you think you had this thing wrapped up?

Mr. HOUSE: You know, I never really knew for sure that I had it wrapped up or not. Frado and I have been close the entire season. But, you know, Brendan and Frado and I, the whole way good friends and I talked to Frado off and on throughout the time I was at home. And just to see how close we were...

ROKER: Mm-hmm.

Mr. HOUSE: ...and last night finally, finally seeing the number and seeing that confetti coming down, unbelievable.

ROKER: Really. There's Frado. Let's take a look at your before picture. Your weight, really an uphill battle, especially after your football career ended in college. You know, it must have been difficult to look at a picture like this.

Mr. HOUSE: It was. I mean, that guy's a completely different man than I am now, it really is. And I like to feel like I've made the changes mentally now that it's a lifestyle change and not a -- not a diet anymore. You know, I'm going to make different options in my life, and it's going to be a healthy lifestyle for me.

ROKER: Now, you obviously had an extra incentive with this grand prize because you'd gotten laid off from your job.

Mr. HOUSE: Yes, sir.

ROKER: You and Bradley have two small kids, two and four.

Mr. HOUSE: Yes, sir.

ROKER: How is this going to be for you now? I mean, you've got this new body, this new life, really.

Mr. HOUSE: This is -- it's really an exciting time for me. You know, getting laid off in January the -- early on in 2010 seemed pretty bleak for me and my family. But now, through " The Biggest Loser " and getting my life back I've got a great opportunity at Mindstream Academy , which is a school in South Carolina I'm going to go work at. It's for teenagers that are overweight, they can come in and get help. And to be able to be there on the forefront and fighting the battle against childhood obesity in America ...

ROKER: Mm-hmm.

Mr. HOUSE: ...I couldn't be more excited about the opportunities I have.

ROKER: I guess what this grand prize , 250,000, that's going to -- that's going to change life a lot for you.

Mr. HOUSE: Oh, definitely. And that -- you know, the first thing when I get that, it's going to go back to paying my parents and my in-laws who I've borrowed money from this whole -- this whole year to get through. But, you know...

ROKER: Literally paying it forward.

Mr. HOUSE: Yeah, literally. I know they're excited to see me win, too.

ROKER: You know what, for your children, they're two and four years old, they're never going to really know the old dad. I mean, they probably won't remember this, and in a sense that's got to be very special for you.

Mr. HOUSE: It is. You know, and to having Colton and Caden , you know, they're the light of my life, and Bradley , and knowing now that I've changed my life where I'm going to be with them for so much longer...

ROKER: Mm-hmm.

Mr. HOUSE:'s just -- it's a surreal experience.

ROKER: For all of us who have struggled with our weight and lost the weight, it's one thing -- it's hard enough to lose the weight, keeping it off is the real battle. How do you -- how do you fight that?

Mr. HOUSE: You know, when I was at home, one of the things that really, really helped me with the weight loss was using " The Biggest Loser " meal plan. There's meals delivered to the house, they're premeasured, they're weighed out, and it takes that time out of weighing chicken and weighing the vegetables and knowing exactly where it is. So you get your " Biggest Loser " meal plan food out, it's got the nutrition labels on there, pop it in the microwave. It's great food, and portion control, so important to weight loss , especially right now around the holidays. And people can check my Web site , it launched last night, I'm going to start a blog there, and my first blog entry's going to be weight loss tips for the holidays.