TODAY   |  December 06, 2010

Dan Brown gets ‘thrill’ from writing

Dan Brown, author of “The Lost Symbol,” talks to TODAY’s Matt Lauer about his special-edition illustrated book.

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>>> he talked about in that book. the lost symbol went on to become the best selling book of 2009 and now it's out in paper back and there's also a new illustrated special edition . are you known to numbers by this point? i mean when i say things like 20 million copies for the lost symbol, does it just kind of -- do you get blase about it.

>> i don't think you get blase. but writers write to tell stories and for me, the thrill of writing a good book is really what turns me on, not the numbers.

>> you don't just write a book and let it sit, you go out and promote it. i was reading the notes last night and it fascinated me that as you travel around the world, journalists in different parts of the world and different cultures focus on different things to talk to you about.

>> i don't know how many countries, but i met with 31 of them. south america , they're very fixated on religion, they all want to talk to me about religion.

>> right.

>> in japan and china. absolutely fixated on fame.

>> why do you think that is?

>> i have no idea. the europeans were interested in obama.

>> the last word in your book is hope, so clearly this is all about obama.

>> it's a great education. so watching your every move has become almost sport for your fans and for people who love to know about the publishing world and so when you turned up in milan, the famed opera house , they said ah-ha.

>> he's no longer a symbol gist, he's going to be an opera singer in the next novel.

>> everybody knows it's an unbelievable piece of architecture.

>> and you love buildings like that?

>> architecture is great. that's why i wrote about d.c. d.c. is classical architecture on a grand scale . i mean you talk about ancient mysteries and secrets. d.c. is just this unbelievable city. and i just couldn't wait to write about it.

>> we jokeded with you last time we were up at your house and you said it took you five years to write the lost symbol. that's a long time.

>> i'm aware of that.

>> are you going to pick up the pace a little bit with this one.

>> i have been informed that if this new novel takes as long as the lost symbol, my next media appearance will be on "the bachelor."

>> you must love it when the real world catches up with your stories. in angels and demons , the -- now a group out of europe has captured a certain kind of anti-matter, coincidence?

>> i'm fascinated with science and science expo n -- i was aware of anti-matter research and i decided to use it and i was told, this is crazy, nobody will ever do this. and i said you just wait. and i read with great pleasure that it had finally been done.

>> i'm glad you didn't put the big i told you so sign in your front yard. the lost symbol is in stores.

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