TODAY   |  December 06, 2010

Witherspoon ‘Knows’ love in new movie 

Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon star in the upcoming Hollywood flick “How Do You Know,” in which a disastrous first date can’t stop a fairy-tale relationship

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>>> in the new comedy, "how do you know" she's set up on a blind date with george madison , played by paul brud. let's just say the two don't get off to a very good start.

>> i think one drink can give you a little better perspective.

>> not for me, but it just depends on the person. look, if you want to have a drink, you should just have a drink. but talking about it --

>> if i want a drink, i'll order a drink.

>> do you know i don't know you?

>> i'm sorry, i'm not good today.

>> this is going places , i can tell. reece witherspoon and paul rudd . you get cut and you find out on the same day that you're under federal investigation for alleged stock fraud . most people would cancel the date.

>> not i.

>> i think that was actually the first idea that jim brooks had for this movie, which was, what if two people meet on the worst day of their life.

>> what draws them together after they get over this initial awkwardness, what do they find in each other that makes them realize this could be something good?

>> lots of drinking. and then we just hang out a bunch and become really close friends.

>> i think that reece has a great idea in this scene which is let's not put pressure on ourselves, we're just going to eat and not say anything. so we actually have a date and not talk to each other. i fall immediately in love with you. you with me, not so much.

>> it deals with the question that the movie deals with, and that is how do you know if someone or something is right for you. when it comes to pairing up with another actor, reece in the movie, how do you know that you can have chemistry with someone like paul?

>> this is like -- this is our third movie we have done together. so we did a movie together a really long time ago and we had a really great time. and we did monsters versus aliens. and that was cool. and then when jim suggested we do this movie together, i was very excited.

>> you auditioned twice for this? so the first time you weren't happy with the way it was, so you asked for a redo?

>> i had a fever, so i actually went over to mr. brooks' apartment and read for it. and i couldn't spell my name. so when it was over, i asked if i could try it again.

>> so the second time went better?

>> and i got to read with reece that time.

>> i thought it would be a double edgeded sword, on the one hand it's flattering, but on the other hand it puts more pressure on you as an actor.

>> equal parts thrilling and totally terrifying because i wanted to perform at the level. and he asked me, are you athletic? i said i'm sort of athletic. but i will learn to be athletic.

>> but how do you convince someone, a viewer of a movie that you're actually a professional softball player. if you don't sell that, the rest of the movie --

>> at least i can look good doing it. even if i couldn't really play softball.

>> we do have a "today" show softball team. and anybody who's good, we're always looking for ringers. so we will have your cell phone number this spring. you mentioned terrifying and thrilling at the same time. you're hosting "saturday night live" this week. that's kind of terrifying and thrilling, isn't it?

>> if i think about it too much, i start to get sweaty and nervous.

>> you've done it before?

>> i have done it before, paul mccartney is the musical guest this week, that just makes it even more --

>> by the way i want to congratulate you, you got a star on the walk of fame .

>> it was great, it was a big honor for me to be accepted into the hollywood walk of fame . i'm right there by hollywood vine so if you're there, come visit me.

>> it opens friday, december 17.