TODAY   |  December 06, 2010

FDA warns on breast milk donations

NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports that the FDA cautions mothers against the unregulated sharing of breast milk, citing dangers such as passing along bacteria and even drugs to babies.

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>> reporter: while many mothers want to breast feed their babies, not all are able to. but an increasing number of women are turning to the internet for breast milk . they're connecting with other moms who are milk to spare and are deciding to sell it or in some cases give it away for free. megan quickly realized her body was making enough milk to feed her own child and then some.

>> we started freezing it and pretty soon we ran out of freezer space.

>> reporter: not wanting to waste the milk, megan turned to the internet. organizations that screen, pasteurize and market the breast milk .

>> i was a little bit saddened by that because i thought maybe there were babies out there who need it but couldn't afford to buy it.

>> reporter: many worry unregulated sharing could pass bacteria or even drugs from the donor mom to a baby.

>> you wouldn't choose to give your child blood that you agreed to get from some person online without going through the proper screening process and the proper assessment of the blood. why would you do that for breast milk ?

>> but moms argues these arrangements are not only safe, they're best for the baby.

>> it's a very natural thing, women have been doing it for thousands of years. the fda does not regulate breast milk banks or sharing.