TODAY   |  December 03, 2010

Class of 2020 takes on politics

As 90 million Americans cast their votes in the midterm elections last month, TODAY’s class of 2020 also took advantage of their first opportunity to head to the ballot box. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>> raise your hand if you are going to vote in today's school election.

>> let's just check. wow, so it looks like we're going to have 100% participation.

>> reporter: it's election day and for these third graders, it's the first time they have ever been allowed to vote for student council .

>> i'm excited about the opportunity to become your class representative on your student council .

>> reporter: it's also the first time that students have been able to run for office.

>> i just wanted to see how it feels if i really wanted to be a o --

>> reporter: jordan looked at his own life experience to convince his classmates to vote for him.

>> i said that i was baseball team captain in sports.

>> i was there the day that he was giving his speech, and i could tell that he was nervous, but he got and gave the speech incredibly well.

>> if you pick me, i will represent our class well. that's why i think you should pick me, jordan .

>> give it up, everybody. voting is a way to choose.

>> reporter: before the students go to the ballot box , they get a chance to talk about the issues and candidates.

>> i don't know who i'm going to vote for yet, but i'm going to vote for a guy who has an awesome poster because i like posters.

>> a lot of people vote based on advertising and campaign advertising and commercials so we want to emphasize to the kids that, yeah, that can be one component of the reasons why you vote for somebody, but there are many other things to look into.

>> reporter: after two weeks of campaigns and speeches, the students get to cast their votes.

>> thank you for doing your civic duty .

>> you have to report to your class what we did here in student council .

>> jordan was elected as class representative .

>> student council committees that you will sign up for.

>> reporter: now the real work begins, twice a month, they will spend their lunchtime at student council meetings instead of playing with their friends.

>> i think he got a great life experience out of it knowing that he can see a process all the way through from the beginning. i always kind of secretly admired those people that would go after stuff like that because i always thought they were the smart group of people. so it's, you know, it's pretty cool that, you know, this is something that she wants to go after. i'm proud of her.

>> let's give it up.

>> great job.

>> and a great lesson in education there and voting. the white house is next guys.

>> and by the way you can follow all of our class of 2020 students on a special web page dedicated to them on our website