TODAY   |  November 29, 2010

Panel to review intelligence sharing

In the wake of the WikiLeaks revelations, a government panel will question the importance of agencies sharing intelligence post 9/11. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell has more details.

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>> about the state department , obviously they worked feverishly to try to prevent these leaks, what is the biggest concern there?

>> the biggest concern is that arab leaders have been pressuring the united states to take out iran's nuclear program. those concerns about iran have been known in international circles. this comes by the way at a time when the saudi king has been undergoing surgery in new york city . the u.s. was already concerned about the kingdom's future and there's already fallout at the united nations and foreign capitals as mick reported that secretary of state hillary clinton and condoleezza rice before her asked for -- ]?8a rely on legal immunity. especially in dangerous parts of the world.

>> and secretary of state children is heading overseas where she's going to face officials in many of those countries that were criticized in those cables. how does she begin to repair the damage?

>> she has already spent the evening calling people and trying to limit the damage. but as i said, if you have ever had a friend that you have said unth unflattering things about them behind their backs, they have already changed the computer system at the state department , but there is i'm told going to be a government wide review of whether or not they should be sharing intelligence among agencies and this was one of the key reforms after the 9/11 commission that they should start talking amongst each other and now they're pointing the finger at the pentagon and saying that the state department is going to shut things down.

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