TODAY   |  November 24, 2010

Pups compete to be best in show

Actor John O’Hurley, host of The National Dog Show, chats with TODAY about the different breeds vying to take top honors and become best in show.

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>> don't forget you can check out the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here on nbc tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m ., followed by the dog show .

>> that's right. and of course, i remember my mom making thanksgiving dinner while we watch the parade.

>> and an interesting way to make a turkey, it's called a deconstructed turkey. cut it in half. it's delicious i know that.

>> you mentioned the dog show , i'm going to bring in actor and dog lover john o'hurley. host of the national dog show .

>> we are less than 24 hours away before we release the hounds, 2,000 of the best dogs in the country are competing for the title of best in show . our ninth season with an audience of 20 million people.

>> you always have a huge audience. what is it about this program?

>> i think it's one of the best pieces of television on the.

>> he's introducing six new breeds at the show, what do they do? they take a couple of weird dogs and set them up on a blind date and say we have got a new breed.

>> you have to have a long history of the dog, the dog has to have a parent club to take care of the breed and it has to have a geological distribution and a long period so they can develop a written standard for the dog. we have two hunting dogs that we're introducing.

>> we just saw a photo of you and all the new dogs.

>> that took 12 hours to do that photo, yes.

>> do you have a favorite breed?

>> the last few years i have always loved the irish setter in the ring. i think it's a show dog . i'm hoping the irish setter is --

>> i want to remind folks that the national dog show presented by purina immediately following our coverage of the macy's thanksgiving day parade .

>> let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker.

>> and don't forget, you can check your weather any time of the day or night the weather channel on cable or online.