TODAY   |  November 16, 2010

Royal watcher: It’s a Westminster wedding

Robert Jobson, an authority on the British monarchy, says Prince William and Kate Middleton are expected to exchange their vows at Westminster Abbey, not St. Paul’s Cathedral, where Charles and Diana wed.

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>> an nbc royal expert robert johnson is royal editor for news of the world. robert , good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> as jim maceda just reported, there's been a lot of scurrying around even though this engagement actually happened in october. how do you think they have been able to keep it secret for so long after all the scrutiny they're under and why release it now?

>> there's been a lot of quite accurate speculation, there was a rumor two weeks ago that they would be engaged before christmas . and that prince william wants a female bodyguard to be the bodyguard for her. maybe they were a little bit too close with the information and figured it would come out sooner rather than later. they said that it would be happening before christmas . and she said, so what? so they know? it's been quite interesting actually, we know that carol middleton, kate's mother and father michael, robert , were at balmoral at the queen's estate and were shooting so we knew everything was moving along.

>> and we're hearing about a wedding in the spring or summer of 2011 . how big do you think it will be? how flashy?

>> i think the queen is keen to be aware of the age of austerity, everyone is aware of money. but everyone does like a royal wedding . they're saying it's going to be in london, my belief is it will probably be at westminster abby , because i don't think that where charles and diana were married is appropriate. but where the queen herself got married is appropriate. i think it will be a massive media event and there will be a lot of people wanting to catch a glimpse of the beautiful bride.

>> you mentioned the queen, what do we know about her relationship with kate middleton ?

>> she has met kate middleton on a number of occasions. the way things work in the royal family , everything is a little bit formal. she's not staying at balmoral or at the queen's two private estates until now. but one of the reasons i believed it was going to happen before christmas is that i understood that she was going to be there this christmas with the royal family and that would be impossible unless she was actually betrothed to prince william . the queen obviously thinks she fits the bill, she's been with william for almost eight years, but now at least she will have protection, immediately, already she will have scotland yard protection with her.

>> prince william is second in line to become king, after his father, probably, if he does become king someday, is there anything that would prevent kate middleton from coming the queen?

>> she'll be queen concert. there was talk if prince charles married camilla then she would only be princess concert. she will be deferred a title before the marriage. probably the duke of cambridge , so he will be prince william duke of cambridge and she will be the duchess of cambridge and these two people are very clearly the future of the monarchy.

>> given that, given that they're already under tremendous scrutiny, do you think we're going to be seeing a step up of them being followed around? we remember the images of diana being followed around by the media, what do you predict now.

>> at first there will be a lot of interest from cameras and photographers wanting to chase after the royal couple. but one must remember as soon as she's engaged, unlike diana when she died who didn't have scotland yard protection, under her own direction, she'll probably be known as princess katharine when she gets married in probably july next year. she'll have a team of four armed officers guarding her. i think the photographers will be a little bit wary of taking that on.

>> robert johnson this morning, thanks very much robert for your