TODAY   |  November 05, 2010

President Bush reads Bible, news on iPad

Former President George W. Bush tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that he stays plugged in by checking out websites on his iPad. They mostly are about politics, he reports, though he also reads the Bible online.

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MATT LAUER, co-host: It's a question for you, what did -- what do you do to keep up with the news of the day after holding the most powerful job in the world? It's just one of the subjects we touched on with former President George W. Bush in his first interview since leaving the White House . How do you stay plugged in? Do you -- do you read a lot of newspapers? Do you watch TV ? Surf the Web ?

President GEORGE W. BUSH: I -- with all due respect, I watch no TV .

LAUER: None at all?

Pres. BUSH: I do surf the Web . I've got a few, you know, places that feed my political curiosity.

LAUER: Give me some places. Where do you go ?

Pres. BUSH: Well, I read The Wall Street Journal every day for starters and I've got an iPad . And I read Bible , Wall Street Journal and I, you know, I like Politico, for example. I'm able to kind of watch the gossip and it's like reading the box scores after a baseball game.

LAUER: Yeah.

Pres. BUSH: And...

LAUER: Is it different...

Pres. BUSH: ... Real Clear Politics has got...

LAUER: So it's all political Web sites , most -- for the most part?

Pres. BUSH: Yeah. And that's how I...

LAUER: And do you like being an observer and not being in there, the guy mixing it up?

Pres. BUSH: Absolutely. I have zero desire to mix it up.

MEREDITH VIEIRA, co-host: So he doesn't watch us, in other words.

LAUER: Oh, I -- no, I don't think he does, actually.

VIEIRA: No. He said no TV .

LAUER: No. He doesn't watch a lot of TV at all.


LAUER: But I offered to drive him around Midland . Secret Service says that's not going to happen, by the way.

VIEIRA: And you brought your little cap, too.

LAUER: Yeah, I did.

VIEIRA: Little chauffeur's cap.

LAUER: My chauffeur cap, that's right.


LAUER: We're going to have much more of our interview on Monday night...

VIEIRA: It's good stuff.

LAUER: ...during the one hour prime-time special, "Decision Points: A Conversation with George W. Bush ," 8, 7 Central time here on NBC and he'll join us live on Wednesday morning.