TODAY   |  November 04, 2010

‘Soup’s’ on with McHale, Hoda, Kathie Lee

Comedian Joel McHale, star of NBC’s “Community,” stops by the fourth hour for some laughs with the TODAY hosts he pokes fun at on his E! show, “The Soup.”

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>>> we make his job so easy. you all probably know the "soup" host joel mchale makes fun of what we do here. hard-working women that we are on a regular basis. besides that he's also the star of "community."

>> joel plays jeff winger, the fast-talking shallow leader --

>> shallow.

>> i can hear you.

>> joel , welcome.

>> it's great to be here --

>> don't even start with us.

>> what are you talking about? i'm on your show. this is the only place i can do this in the morning.

>> while you're cracking that open, a lot of people only know our show from you.

>> yeah, so thanks a lot.

>> no, we don't do that.

>> you're number one now, right?

>> while we have a sif, let's watch one of these clips.

>> yeah, that's great.

>> on the fourth hour of the "today" show, hoda and kathie lee had a conversation about marital aids, but they kept it tasteful because this is a family show.

>> there's a new survey out from adam and eve productions and it talks about adult --

>> careful.

>> -- toys.

>> i wouldn't know one if it slapped me in the face.

>> okay.

>> then hoda hit her across the face with a clothes iron , and kathie said, that's a sex toy ? and she said, yeah, that's a sex toy and hit her again, and again and again. the fourth hour of the "today" show is sponsored by gin.

>> what is this?

>> oh, my gosh.

>> this is good stuff.

>> another clip, as well.

>> you're liking this?

>> no, i didn't --

>> joel , why do you continue to mock our show?

>> have you seen your show?

>> no, we make a point not to watch it after wards.

>> this is lightweight stuff what i'm doing here. did you see the shot of you at the super bowl dancing after you stayed up all night dancing? you were wearing the drew brees and the beads. how did you get the beads? you don't even remember it. you have no recall. yeah. see, this is what i'm talking about.

>> you're an emmy -winning dateline reporter. you be careful.

>> was an emmy -winning "dateline" reporter.

>> this segment is over. let's do one more clip.

>> yeah, lighten up.

>> let's go emmy winner.

>> the fourth hour of the "today" show featured what else? hoda and kathie lee drinking.

>> what's in here? vodka? what is it?

>> lime time syrup, apple bitt bitter. that's what it says.

>> so you just read whatever's on the prompter. that's pathetic.

>> we love joel mchale .

>> yeah, thanks for promoting "community."

>> we're about to talk to you about that show.

>> is that show still on?

>> so we've got a few more episodes going of that.

>> why was that picked up?

>> i don't need to tell you. why? i don't know. they, you know, you guys, you do the biggest ratings on the network. so you don't really need us, but they took pity.

>> this has actually gotten a lot of traction with people. they get a kick out of it. what can we expect?

>> tonight, we've got hillary duff .

>> playing a mean girl .

>> weren't you mean to her sister haylie?

>> she slapped me, and it was over.

>> don't people understand this is all in fun, our drinking is not real, and his making fun of it is not real either.

>> no, i've never seen hoda dancing around a barbecue in the back of the truck.

>> why do you keep bringing that up?

>> it was memorable.

>> they kept cutting back to you.

>> all the best in that show. what's it called?

>> "community."