TODAY   |  November 03, 2010

‘Mama Grizzly’ Haley ‘grateful’ to Palin

Nikki Haley, South Carolina’s governor-elect, discusses her endorsement from Sarah Palin and how that helped steer her toward victory in the Palmetto State.

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>>> south carolina governor elect nikki halle is with us good morning. you were one of the first candidates that sarah palin endorsed, do you think you could have won an election without her endorsement?

>> we saw that we were coming from fourth place to about second place but certainly when she came into getting involved in south carolina , it got more people to just pay attention to the message. so we were very grateful. she has gotten the country to realize the power of their voice and she certainly did that in south carolina . we were grateful, we spread our message.

>> the other two women who won governor's races were also endorsed by sarah palin , you were are her mama grizzlies. will you endorse her if she should decide to run for president in 2012 ?

>> i think the responsibilities to the citizens of south carolina is i look at the environment and i look at the slate of candidates who are running and i vote running.

>> what do you think about the tea party and its influence heading forward in the republican party .

>> i love the tea party , the tea party is not a party at all, it's republicans democrats and independents who said they have had enough. it was going back to the what the role of government should be, which is government to secure the rights of the people. it was never intended to be all things to all people. i am certainly a proud product of the tea party . we saw a time where both parties had gotten arrogant. we had seen excessive spending.

>> you're also the first woman elected governor of south carolina and the first indian american governor elected in this country.

>> i think when people look at this race they certainly see that it's historic. what anyone that's proud because of this election, i appreciate that and my family shares in that. but the pride is really going to happen in january when we do great things for south carolina .

>> south carolina governor elect nikki haley and once again congratulations.