TODAY   |  October 29, 2010

Behind the scenes of TODAY’s Halloween

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows viewers how the iconic morning news program puts on such a fun Halloween celebration on the plaza year after year.

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>> into texas, we do have wet weather in the pacific northwest . heavy rain and winds in northern california , gulf coast looks fabulous with plenty of sunshine. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your super neck of the woods.

>> dna that's your weather and here's the sexy french director.

>> i think the sexy thing was what this was all about. you're going the talk to us about how this remarkable job that this entire team put together.

>> i don't think we can capture all of it. we're going to take a look behind the scenes at some of the things people are saying today with amazing success.

>> faster than a speeding bullet, the magic comes together every year on the plaza. from the munsters to star wars , our dream team of cast, crew and designers stitch it all together.

>> i am yoda, i am.

>> sometimes all it takes is a well placed wig to make everything super for our anchors.

>> do it.

>> no, it's --

>> matt shot his part early, but really all of the planning starts far in advance.

>> fantastic.

>> it's brian 's ninth halloween show as costume designer so he's well aware that success depends on a lot of team work , sprinkled with a little luck.

>> we work a lot in the way that they do on "saturday night live" so everyone has a team and they're able to make that change as quick as possible. we have a hair, makeup and wardrobe person who's doing a change.

>> natalee' been a boy once before and she's always a believer in nailing her character.

>> i have been practicing the moves everywhere i go.

>> so you're type a even for halloween ? she's still working on it.

>> some expert training helped meredith embrace her inner diva.

>> you look sexy when you're doing it, do you feel sexy?

>> oh, my god, yeah.

>> ann's big reveal posed a special challenge for production designer 's team.

>> you've got ann as ameala earhart. how does that start with you.

>> we had to find a plane. but the trouble with a plane is that it doesn't fit on the plaza. but we're going to retouch it so that all the navy logo is gone, we're going to age the photo and she's going to stand in front of it. that will be the opening reveal shot for her.

>> reporter: at 8:00 p.m . yesterday, the crew started setting up and worked all through the night. making sure every last prop, piece of hair and swab of makeup is in place for show time . another year, another success. all thanks to the hardest working team in morning television.

>> we want to mention that brian is right here. we want to bring you brian . great job. in fact he was stitching, how many hours did you sleep would you say in the last three days.

>> sleep? what's that?

>> how many hair and makeup and costumes did you work on?

>> just in this?

>> there's probably, i think there's probably 25 to 30 pete.

>> how maand how many years have you been doing this?

>> nine years.

>> so for you, this is kind of like your side job, right?

>> yeah, but i always have a good time coming over here.

>> do you have a favorite, like every year.

>> every year is my favorite. every year is my favorite.

>> you love the people.

>> i do love the people. you're great people.

>> coming up next, we tell you how you can have your furrey friends get in on all the action on halloween , and if you still don't have a costume, guess what, we have got ideas. but first, these messages. [ woman ] ring ring . progresso. this chicken tortilla soup has such a wonderful zesty quality. that's the chipotle and cilantro. it's one of our new